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So @VatcheeAfandi99 started the challenge and I won @Astrohelix challenge so now it's my turn buhahahaha. I don't think mine is gonna be too hard but here we go!!!
@Sammie99522 @danidee @destiny1419 @kpopandkimchi Please feel free to tag others Just in case no one saw the comments(...or maybe you haven't gotten there yet...) Here's a HINT: participated in the show WIN: Who Is Next, that should help narrow it down a bit...
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I have no clue on this one
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I guess I have stumped ppl... Well you have a choice on the hint, another picture or I could give you a written hint.
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@divanicola05 a written hint would probably help
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HINT: Participated in the show WIN: Who Is Next...
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I think everyone has given up
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