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I'm a big fan of Troye Sivan, but I had never sat down and watched his Blue Neighbourhood series in full.

What I discovered was a painful story of young love, loss, and the struggle to fit into a mold society wants from you.

Please watch it below and let me know what you think.


We see two kids growing up together, seemingly best friends. One has an alcoholic father, and the families don't seem to get along, but the boys are still close.
"'Cause there's still too long to the weekend
Too long till I drown in your hands
Too long since I've been a fool, oh
Leave this blue neighbourhood
Never knew loving could hurt this good, oh
And it drives me wild
White noise in my mind
Won't calm down
You're all I think about"


We now see the best friends have fallen in love, but the father is not having any of it. Cuts between the couple in love and the father beating up his son make this the most gut-wrenching of the series. The boys aren't allowed to see each other any more, and we see the boy who was beaten suddenly has a girlfriend. The father ends the video with "If I see you two together again, I'll kill both of you."
"I am tired of this place, I hope people change
I need time to replace what I gave away
And my hopes, they are high, I must keep them small
Though I try to resist I still want it all
Only fools fall for you, only fools
Only fools do what I do, only fools fall"


The end of the story begins in a cemetery. The boy's abusive father has passed, and the son is distraught. Troye goes to comfort him, or just to be with him, but it seems like because of the father's death the son has completely push everything his father hated away, including Troye. We see the boy's new girlfriend drag him away as he leaves Troye alone in the cemetery.
"I wanna hold hands with you
But that's all I wanna do right now
And I wanna get close to you
Cause your hands and lips still know their way around
And I know I like to draw that line, when it starts to get too real
But the less time that I spend with you, the less you need to heal
I wanna sleep next to you
But that's all I wanna do right now
So come over now and talk me down"

Any other Troye fans out there?

OMG I've always listened 5o the songs but I haven't seen the vids OMG I'm like crying this is too much in a good way
OH GOD. I'VE SEEN ALL OF THESE. 😭😢 MY HEART. I literally was sobbing the first time I watched these.
Wow, I am really digging that music! ♡ But the videos tho... :''(
@iixel yeah he's got a bit more electronic pop sound to him and I really love it!
HERE 🙋🏻 I'm a Troyler shipper and when they kissed I was in the corner like NOOOOOOOOOO
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