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I've always been a fan of SISTAR because they never portrayed that sweet and cute concept that girl groups are expected to do.

SISTAR is back once again and this time with the new Girl Anthem of 2016!!

Listen to the song here ^^ (I've provided the lyric version always) This is definitely something different than their usual comeback and I am loving it.
The song explains the feelings of loving someone unconditionally even if they only treated you badly. It then goes to celebrate your own self worth and the humor and irony of caring so much about someone who passed someone like you up. In the end you end up breaking off with the person leaving them behind.
A beautiful message for all girls provided by SISTAR:

Don't waste your feeling on those who don't appreciate it.

What do you think of SISTAR's recent comeback and 'I Like That'??

This song is literal gold
I love it! This comeback is so different from their summer comebacks from the past few years and I'm totally digging it. Also, Dasom actually has lines this time!
I Like That
I love it
I like this!! Thanks for sharing:)