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Anyone ever visited this youtuber's channel? She's the cutest girl ever. I discovered her through the electric blue to strawberry hair video and eventually navigated through her old videos. If you have dark hair and is looking for color inspiration, she's the "it" girl. I think she upgrades her hair color pretty. Despite the frequent hair dye, her hair still looks silky and soft. Check out her page to learn more about her hair/beauty routines.
Let's take a moment and enjoy this beautiful hair color and adorable style! I can't get over red hair ribbon accessory! If you have the same hair shade try out this matte rose makeup tutorial.
Looking to dye your hair blue? Look no further than this one!
Uh, and did I mention she also has a quirky style?
@MomoChamie @minimanim3 @vivi1353 Didn't know you guys already knew about her. I can't believe I was so late in discovering her haha.
i'm loving the purple hair! I really want to try to do my hair all over dark purple that ombres out to lavender, but ti'll take time! he'll be part of my inspiration for that :)
@HairConfetti lol its never too late to discover an awsome person like her
@XionHeart Lol. Well, I'm glad I came acrosss her. Better late than never! She's such a unique character. :D
@HairConfetti I found her a long time ago. I love her obsession with yugioh. At least I'm not alone lol
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