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Would You REALLY Enroll In Hogwarts?
I have a lot of friends that are huge fans of Harry Potter, and while I've read a few of the books and seen a couple of the movies, I can't say I'd be as down to a wizard studying at Hogwarts at all.
I mean, there's mountain trolls, corrupt magic-possessing instructors, ghosts camping out in the bathroom, and can we take a moment to address the bullying situation?!

Would you be down to be a Hogwarts student?

Probably... FOR THE UNICORNS!!!
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I would go just to be that one quiet girl sitting in the back of the classroom getting perfect scores and everytime anyone would talk to me I would disappear and flip them off at the same time xD
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@danidee I would ride them to school
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@danidee wizards channel magic through their wands. Sages channel magic through their bodies
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I actually object to Wizarding as a practice. The art of the sage is much more noble. If I could get a special curriculum for that I would go.
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