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GUYS!!! Today's the series finale for Refresh Man! I can't believe this drama is ending! I haven't had the chance to watch it yet (waiting for tonight after I finish packing my luggages). I did keep up with the SNS page and found some ADORABLE behind the scenes photos.
As a finale special, Joanne posted a photo of Ji Wen Kai showing her perspective. They are so freakin CUTE.
Well, Aaron also takes a picture of his perspective of Zhong Yu Tang.
If you haven't already notice. The scene is taking place at the carnival. Which means they will reunite! I'm so curious to see how they finally get together through the tough path.
Anyways, here is Sales Team 3 selfie!
Can't wait to see why he hid behind the Lion costume 10 years ago!
Anyone else excited for this?
@biancadanica98 I'm really excited to unravel why he disappear. It's a refreshing storyline though usually the female/male leads are caught in a love triangle and goes back and forth with the other pair. This one is really awesome because of the consistency. So excited to watch it later tonight.
I'm super excited, I'm still a little behind on this drama. I'm on episode 12 but I love it so far!