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How Was Your Weekend?

This weekend was relaxing for me, which was needed.

My boyfriend and I hit up a local market that had TONS of food trucks. We divided and conquered - planning our food-venture for maximum yumminess, minimum waiting in line.
This ice cream covered in green tea powder was delicious and my boyfriend had his first empanada ever (how has he lived this long without one!?)

Anyway, I hope your weekend has some bright points like mine did :)

How was your weekend? Any last minute Sunday fun happening?

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@caricakes I'd be ready to take out some zombies lol
a year ago·Reply
@iixel @caricakes hahahah i totally did the same thing!
a year ago·Reply
had a very painful weekend. fractured both my feet.
a year ago·Reply
@SavioMenezes yikes!!!! hope you're recovering well!
a year ago·Reply
yes,but its going to take 8 weeks sophiamore
a year ago·Reply