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Yugeyoms Sundays 😏
My baby needs to stopp growing up on me. 😫😫😫
And then here lately he hasn't been keeping that tongue in his mouth. He is learning such a bad sexy habit. That I may or may not condone 😂😫😫😏😏😍😍👅👅 he so sexy.
This boy is the cutest I have ever seen. When Ever i see him i just think of his crazy cute sweet voice. It drives me insane when he speaks. And him wearing a hat is so gosh damn sexy!!
Up close and personal with his sweet sexy and sweary self. Holy crap. And then them pants again. Who ever told him it was okay to wear skin tight black leather pants needs fired. He is killing us especially when he sexy dances and grabs himself and hip thrusts! 👅👅🤔🤔😚😚😊😍😍💙💕💕
Then I thought these pictures with Jinyoung and Jackson were cute!!