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Naan Gerdooee (نان گردویی) is the traditional name of Persian Pancake originating from the city of Qazvin, located in the Northwest of Iran. made with egg yolks, vanilla, sugar and walnuts Makes 4 Servings INGREDIENTS egg yolks, six vanilla, one teaspoon sugar, six spoonfuls crushed walnuts, 300 grams METHOD Mix egg yolks, sugar and vanilla and beat well until the mix is quite thick and white. Add crushed walnuts and mix well. Take small portions with a teaspoon and make round. Bake in the oven (on baking paper) at 300F for 20 minutes. Enjoy :)
wow, this is so interesting. love it
and delicious :)
I would have never imagined pancakes any different from the ones I eat almost everyday. So interesting to know that there is a different way to everything out there.
yes @roselee89 thank you :)