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To be honest, I'm enough of a disgusting animal to be totally content with eating Reeses Pieces, M&Ms, and Skittles together if I had to. I mean, my sweet tooth cannot be tamed.

How about you guys? Would this piss you off or would you think it was funny?

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@ButterflyBlu I AM GLAD LIFE IS BACK ON THE UPRIGHT AGAIN. :) I've been taking online classes lately! Going back to school!
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Yay, @TerrecaRiley Awesome!! That's great! Life's always better when you like what you're doing every day! <3
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@danidee ME TOO, SISTER!! There's only so much chaos one butterfly can take, yo. Lol >_< HEEEEY! Tell me about this fancy schooling of yours! 馃槷 I'm excited, Dani-Doll!
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@ButterflyBlu for sure
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they taste gross when you eat them together, but if you look you can tell what you are eating.
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