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To be honest, I'm enough of a disgusting animal to be totally content with eating Reeses Pieces, M&Ms, and Skittles together if I had to. I mean, my sweet tooth cannot be tamed.

How about you guys? Would this piss you off or would you think it was funny?

@danidee what i do is get one of each color and eat all the rest. at the end the remaining colors fight it out and i eat the losers. the winner gets eaten last
i only have a problem with skittles.. lol i don't like them. besides that i wouldnt mind much. it would be a surprise in every bite
at my work place ppl are just happy to see the candy bowl is filled, they will devour almost anything you put in there! If you mix up the candy, they probably treat it as treasure hunt and gladly thank you for it lol
My OCD can NOT handle this sh*t.
peanut butter is just gross. chocolate is okay. i can say from experience that m&ms and skittles do not mix. it did not taste very good.
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