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CALLING ALL AROHAS! In just a few days Astro will release their new album😱🎉 I can't wait, but for now, we shall gaze upon their teaser pictures (aka perfection) and extra pics :)
Moonbin January 26, 1998
Sanha March 21, 2000
JinJin March 15, 1996
Eunwoo March 30, 1997 (same birthday as me :D)
MJ March 5, 1994
Rocky February 25, 1999 (current bias💕)
Schedule Tracklist JinJin and Rocky wrote the raps to all the songs omgoodness I'm in love Social Media:📱🌠 YouTube: 'ASTRO' or 'fantagiomusic' or 'i-Teen' Twitter: @offclASTRO Instagram: @astronly (fanpage) Facebook: @offclASTRO V App: ASTRO Weibo: 'officialASTRO' Astro is going to KCON LA and I couldn't be more proud of them! This is a great opportunity for them to become even more well-known to the world, so please support them❤️ If you want to know more about them, watch iTeen or 'To Be Continued' :)
MJ is killing me in this comeback.
I'm so excited to see them at KconLA! they won me over instantly. I really want to see the MV and listen to all the songs.
I can't wait for their album it's going to be amazing and JinJin and Rocky wrote the raps so can't wait hehehe. I love my boys 😘😘😘 can't wait for the full MV