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Good things never come from this day, October 13th. I have no good memories from this day, only bad ones. In fact I hate today, and I hate how it always manages to rain on this day.

Chapter 1

~JB's POV~

"Who's gonna pay for my lunch now?" Jackson asks as he pushes the kid against the lockers. "Yeah, who told you that you could just switch schools on us like this?" Mark asks as Jackson starts tightening the kid's neck tie. "I'm n-n-nnot scared of y-yyou anymore! I'm going f-f-ffar away s-soo you can't hurt me anymore." The kid barely manages to squeak out. I make my way closer to the kid, the same kid that has been providing us with our "lunch money" for little over a year now. "Look kid, you can't just leave without telling us. Now who is going to take your place as our personal bank? Huh?" I question him. I was about to raise my fist at him, when one of the second year gym teachers catches us. "Hey what do you boys think you are doing here?" the teacher said as he began heading our way. Jackson let the kid go and Mark, Jackson, and I started down the hallway in the other direction. When it was decided it was safe for us, we made our way to our hangout, the school's roof/ greenhouse. Or at least it use to be a greenhouse, that is until everything started dying in there and then was completely abandoned. Nothing but old magazines and used cigarettes covered the floor now. When we make it inside the greenhouse Jackson pulls out a couple packs of cigarettes from our stash. "Damn! Who's gonna give us our money now?" Jackson asked as he hands both Mark and I a couple cigs. "Yeah man, some of that kid's money was going to pay for my new tattoo." Mark said in my direction. I lite my cig and placed it at my mouth. "We'll just pick a new one, like we did before." I said as I inhaled some of my cigarette. "What? Like the first person who runs into you this morning?" Mark asks. "Exactly!" As we all finish our second cigarette I pull at my phone to look at the time… 8am. I take one last long drag of my cig and throw it on the floor. "Come on guys, let's go before Nari shows up. I have to be at her locker before she gets here today." "Your girlfriend has you sooo whipped JB!" Jackson laughs. Before he sees it coming, I kick the milk crate he's sitting on right out from underneath him. He falls right on his ass and Mark and I begin laughing at him. "Ha, that's what you get dumbass. Everyone knows JB and Nari aren't dating. She just pays him for her pleasure." Mark says as he helps Jackson off the floor. "Alright you dumb shits… if your done talking about my private life let's go! And remember, the first person I run into is our new ATM." I say with a smirk. We make our way down the stairs into the main hallway area. Mark and Jackson walk ahead of me so I have room to see if someone will run into me. To no surprise people see us coming and start heading the opposite direction. Just as I turn my head to look forward again a small little pipsqueak runs right into me. I look down to see who it is. Areum. She is standing on my toes with the fear of God in her eyes as they meet mine. Bingo. She immediately jumps off my feet and begins to say something. I lightly push her out of the way and make it down the hall to where Mark and Jackson are waiting for me. I look at Mark, and begin to smirk. "Sorry lover boy." I say as I turn to face him. "Looks like that girl you've been crushing on for a while now is our new play thing." "Shut up." I hear Mark say under his breath. This is going to be fun, I think to myself. Choi Areum… Welcome to Hell.

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