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so we all know that white hair isn't something new many idols have been sporting this look. but lord I do admire there commitment. I myself have been trying to get my hair to this level of white for a while now but trying to do this while still maintaining the integrity of your hair is hard.
my hair was white before with minimal roots but as I'm trying to also grow my hair out I like to stop bleaching my hair and give it a rest since my skin is very sensitive. and I even went as far as bleaching my eyes brows which I actually didn't mind to much
here you can really see my roots and this was about a month back sorry I didn't have any recent picture
and I just bleached my hair yesterday and you can see that in some places the hair is this light orange color while in other places it's still extremely dark compared to the rest of my hair it usually takes me about 2-3 bleaching sessions to get it all the same color.
@ivyheart13 beautiful 😍
@ben20 lol thanks