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This girl buzzed off all her hair. Whether or not it was for donation or just for personal reason, the reason is unknown. The entire process of buzzing was recorded and uploaded on youtube. Not sure what the reason is either. I guess it was just for demonstration purpose? Though, that's the not the point I want to highlight. What caught my attention was how discouraging some of the comments were...
More and more ladies are getting their hair buzz these days but that doesn't mean they're stupid or thoughtless. I never see someone freak out if and call a guy stupid for growing out his hair.

What are everyone's thoughts?

Very few can pull off a buzzed head but what I don't understand is why ppl care what others do with their own hair? Who says girls have to have long hair? I cuz my hair short years ago and I will NEVER grow it back. Long hair is a pain.
@YumiMiyazaki You do what feels right to you. The haters will hate no matter what you do. They make comments about you then they have a lot of their own insecurities to deal with and want to make everyone miserable.
It's like this if you don't have haterz then you're not doing something right. However, it's her business my gosh get over urself and just bc you are jealous and don't have the balls 2 do it urself please don't judge. you never know what some1 is going through. Thanks, and be nice have a blessed day. By the way trust in urself and make urself happy bc you only live once and you deserve 2 be happy. I'm going to start living 4 me and making me happy rather than worring about everybody else. pray 4 me my dear friends bc I'm going to need some help.
Some woman can pull it off, & some woman CAN'T! But hair does signify Beauty and Youth with that being said there is always two different stories on each side of the coin,meaning if you have the confidence it will shine through butt for a woman like me my hair signifies my beauty so I would never be able to pull off this look feeling comfortable !!✂💇
I personally would not cut my hair since I like to have long hair but people shouldn't care if a girl gets a buzz cut it's their choice if they want their hair like that or not even if people don't like to idea that a girl cut of their long hair to have a buzz cut for no reason it's not our business it's their hair
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