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Yoongi with his tum out!♡

Hey fam! Does anyone get on Asian fanfics ? If so, don't you love the fanfics on there?! I do! I think they should make a App for it.. what's taking em so long? Wattpad is an app, I love Wattpad too. I kinda think asian fanfics is better though. But both is good! Fanfics is fanfics! love them! But anyway I will tell you some stories I like from there so far and some I have read or currently still reading! Most of them are smuty :) lol

My Secretary

(By JiminnieBenBen) This one is soo good! Baekris shippers anyone? Trust me you will love this one! It's on point! ♡ 》


(By KawaiiSwagger) Love her name! it's dope ♡ anyway this one is really good, dark, deep, and touching! There's nothing like Kaisoo right? :) ♡ She even have a trailer for it! How awesome is that! Trailer: 《 》

The Doctor

(By MyChapter) By far, this is my favorite fanfic! it's too toooooo GOOD!! like O M G OMG! (Seventeen reference) lol anyway this vixx smut will have you somewhere else? lol. Who could of thought Hakyeon will be so badass and evil? and Leo, the innocent, sweet deer being controlled by Hakyeon. Can you imagine Hakyeon being a gang leader? BTOB, EXO, and actor Seo In Guk is in this too!! awesomeness! xD Just read it, it's amazing! I'm currently still reading this one! 》
Alrighty! So have anyone of you read any of these wonderful fanfics before?? If so, which one is your favorite? & What do you think about the story? If you haven't read any of these before, I recommend for you to read these! :) They are great fanfics! Lol bruh this meme is so funny xD I had to!!!
Btw I have a asian fanfics account! it's

》mikadoll 《 I haven't made any fanfics on there yet but I will one day :) Do you guys have an account? If so, did you make any fanfics on there? because I want to read them :)

That is all. ♡

i have an account!! ill total add you AND I have a fic too. check it out please give your feedback ! 😄😄😄
I heard of Asianfics but never used it, I think because the interface confused me too badly for me to try it
That would be freaking amazing if they did because their are a lot of talented people here on Vingle too who are good at writing fanfics of our favorite groups or ships. For me I love a good Leo/Ravi fanfic.
I have one but I hadn't logged into it in so long I don't remember my user name or password. Just been too busy. You are right it should be an app then maybe I would have been reading from it more frequently
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