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⚠ Some cussing ⚠ So I've been blasting Beast's new song Butterfly ever sense it came out. But I just recently checked the comments and it always irks me when I see these types of comments. I mean, you can be in any fandom you want, and check out any group besides your fandom, and that's cool. No harm done. What irritates me is that you have to say your from a different fandom and your giving support. I mean, ok. Thank you. But for some reason, people who say, "I'm a VIP and giving support to Beast." Just irritates the crap out of me. I mean the comment section is FILLED with this crap. It's annoying to me. I have no reason as to why it just does. I'm sorry if that offends anyone lol. I'm not looking to irritate anyone, just deciding to state these things before my mind explodes. Another thing that irritates me is the first two images. People who are starting crap. I've taken the liberty in looking through the lengthy comment section to a degree, and found no fellow army for starting shit. So this person needs to calm the fuck down with their drama bullshit and get on with their lives.
@KatelynSummerso I'm not hating army. I'm an army as well. Army is starting to act crazy though. That's what happens when you have a group that's growing super fast. But the problem here is that she's starting shit for no reason in the fandom name of army
I like when people comment on the music and not the groups...like real appreciation for what the singer does. I usually just add to the view count without commenting
Ive seen a lot of comments like that and I always try to look at them in the best possible light such as "support is support wherever it comes from" but I completely see your point. There isn't really a need to state what your main fan base is when giving support to a song or group or any entity in general. Understandably I see how some B2uties could feel the need to defend against Army because of the possible accusations of plagiarism a Army grows larger day by day and B2uties don't hold the same strength in numbers that Army has. Indeed even when I told my friend about Beast's new song she said "oh so they copied BTS?" I got mad of course but made a point to ignore her thoughtless comment. And yet, we must stay objective and ignore the negatives and just focus on supporting those we want I support so HWAITING army and b2uties to each their own.