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So I made this choreography video to Found by YouTuber JunCurryAhn (Jun Sung Ahn), hes the violinist who does kpop covers and stuff. He as well as other YouTubers and artists really inspire me! And in my life, my gma is the biggest supporter even of my YT channel. She actually gets notifications of when i post videos and stuff. So she has a best friend, who without going into detail has a very very stressed out life in the last few years. And my gma showed her this video i did. My gma then told me how her friend literally started crying saying it was so beautiful and stuff. T^T I was just so touched by this.
I also thought about how much a lot of you in the kpop vingle community have commented on some of my videos and supported me. Whole heartedly I want to thank all of you for that!! Especially my BTS Butterfly choreography video, you guys gave me such amazing comments on it, i was so touched <3
Honestly ever since I started my YouTube channel, I never thought about subscribers or views or likes or anything. I missed color guard, i fell in love with kpop, and I just wanted to do something I enjoyed doing and just have something where i can express myself in my own way while showing some kind of support for artists and songs i really liked since im poor and cant always buy albums and stuff. also being an international fan, cant see them at events or concerts too often. So yeah this was just my way of doing that and doing something i enjoyed. As i grow as a person and form a more clear vision/dream of my dream career, Ive begun using my youtube channel as a place i can continue to explore things to help lead up to/work towards that career and honestly doing this youtube channel as well as other things has slowly helped me be able to be more myself in general since im a very introverted person and pretty shy always worried about what people think of me. but im breaking that shell little by little
@KatelynSummerso ohhh rifle is so cool!! I never got to learn weapon but I wish I had~
@MichelleIbarra thank you! I really liked choreographing Borders <3 and I know what you mean about commenting I always think so hard before I comment or its a very simple comment cuz i feel the same~ @MandyNoona you're too kind!! and thank you so much <3
you're beautiful and so is your choreo. I love watching and supporting you. keep it up, you're amazing!
I WAS IN COLORGUARD FOR THREE YEARS AND I MISS IT! This was my last year:( rifles was my life and addiction
I'm originally too shy to comment on anything as I'm terrified that I may say something wrong... In other words, I'm a silent supporter. haha I love your covers! My favorite would be the one you did for Amber's 'Borders!'