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The long weekend is coming up and here's a guide to keep you cool from the barbecues, fireworks and the scorching sun. Whether you're celebrating with family at home or friends at the beach, here are some inspiration to show off your patriotic side.

1. Dip-dye ombre. You can achieve this style with extensions or temporary dyes.

2. Star spangled ponytail. Grab a copy of star-shape pins and place them on one side of your hair.

3. Glitter roots. 4th of July is the perfect chance to try this trend. It'll look great under the moon and fireworks.

4. Classy star pattern headband, red lips and two cute buns.

5. Add a red and white baby flowers to your braids.

💖Love the first one!!!
i might try these for canada day but only red and white probably the braid one