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Jak stays on the floor, refusing to look at Jiyong.
“Hey,” he says, gripping her chin as he tries to move her face towards him.
“Hey,” she mumbles but refuses to look him in the eyes.
“Having an attack?”
She rolls her eyes and buries her head back in her arms.
“Come on, let’s go home. I had the waiter box up your food and left Gil my card to take care of the bill while I came to get you.”
She looks up at him, directly in the eyes.
“You’re going to take me home? To my house?”
He lowers his head, closes his eyes and sighs. “No, let’s go home.”
“WE don’t have a home yet. You have a home that I stay at occasionally, and I have a home. When this becomes a wedding ring, WE will have a home.”
“Don’t babe me. You know I’m right, don’t deny it. And the only reason I’m having a stupid attack is because I feel like an idiot. But I’ve figured it all out, everything will be fine; [YN] just needs to give me a couple of weeks and nothing needs to change between us.”
He pulls her face up sternly, “Look at me!”
She does so defiantely, and he gives the look back.
“Most women would already assume they live with me. Half your clothes are there; hell, you are there as much as I am!”
“That can change.”
He lets out an angry growl, “Jak. Don’t do this, you know I love you.”
“You loving me isn’t in question. My best friend moving out and my living alone again is. Besides, I’m not a normal woman, you remind me of that often, remember? That’s why you say you love me.”
He takes her hand and helps her to her feet, kissing her on the forward.
“Yes baby, it is. Come on, our friends are waiting.”
As they come out of the restroom, the waiter approaches Jiyong with the bill for his signature. Jak walks past him and heads in the direction of the table.
“You sure she’s going to be okay? I'm still not understanding what her problem is.”
“It's a female thing. I don’t know. She will be eventually but it might take a few days.”
Jiyong walks back over and looks around the table; covers his face and shakes his head. You look over at him confused, “Where’s Jak?”
He lowers his hand to his mouth, says something very explicit then shoves his hands in his pockets.
“Gone I’m guessing. I stopped to sign the bill and didn’t have a hold of her. I thought she was headed back here to the table.”
You automatically whip out your phone and shoot off a text.
YOU: Where the hell did you go?!?!?
There’s no reply, so you send off another.
YOU: Jak I swear I’m going to kill you if you don’t answer me!
There’s still no reply. Kyungil takes your hand and leads you out of the restaurant to the car. You stop in front of his car and turn to Jiyong.
“I’m so sorry. What have I done to her?”
You put your head in your hands and he pulls you over so that your head hits his chest. He kisses the top and pats your back.
“It’s my fault. I forgot who I had and why.”
You shake your head against him, “No. I’m her bestfriend, I’ve known her since we were five! I totally should have known better than to spring it on her like this.”
He laughs a little, “Alright, we're both to blame. Let’s just go find her.”
You get into the car with Gil and start sending text bombs to her.
YOU: I swear Jak
YOU: Now you have me worried
YOU: I hate you right now
YOU: Will you just answer me so I know you’re okay?
YOU: Did you go home?
YOU: Wait are you buying junk food?
You glance up for a minute and ask Kyungil, “Where’s the closest Mart?”
He nods his head in understanding and goes around the corner. You see Jiyong’s car already there. He’s coming out of the store but shakes his head when he see’s you.
YOU: JAK! I will BEAT you!
YOU: Damn you Answer ME!
YOU: Fine. I won’t talk to you either.
YOU: Be a bitch, I always knew you could be.
You wait exactly two minutes and your phone beeps.
JAK: You DID NOT just call me a BITCH!
You smile and take a breath. Kyungil looks over at you quizzically, so you let him know. “At least I know she’s safe. I still don’t know where she is though. Take me home, it’s the only place she'll feel like she can go.”
You arrive at the apartment with Kyungil and Jiyong in tow. As you enter the code to get in, it buzzes a rejection. You stare at it in confusion and try again.
“Oh she did NOT!”
You try once more really slow just to make sure and sure enough; she changed the door code.
You pound on the door, “JAK! Let us in!”
From the inside, sounding far away you hear,
Friends know all the right/wrong buttons to push!
oh man. got some damage control to do. but hey what are besties for. we know how to make the other talk. and knows where they should be in that situation