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Hello helloo~ Welcome to Foreign Flower's third petal, Tae-Yang! Ready to enjoy some sunshine? ;3 [Recap]~ Here is the Season 2 premiere in case you're wanting to go back and read the previous two petals that are completed! And here is Taeyang's previous episodes in case you arrived late! > Episode 1 -> Episode 2 Please enjoy! :D *bows*
Episode 3~ The blanket covering his chest rose and fell in a calm, rhythmic pattern. Facial features relaxed enough to allow a soft snore escape through his slightly parted lips, reassuring the fact that his conscious was still intact. His fingers over your hand on the bed continued to emit a sense of warmness over your skin. Light taps on the hardwood floor circle around you then exit the room, only to come back a few minutes later to circle around you once again until the taps stop and whine up to you. “It's okay puppy, he's not dead, just recovering with rest.” You reach down and scratch Homie's ear, causing him to flap his tail against the floor. Tae-Yang moans to the sound, grabbing Homie's attention long enough for Homie to bark at his owner. You pick up the dog and set him on your lap so he could watch Tae-Yang stir a bit before opening his eyes and glancing over at you and the excited dog. “Hey,” Tae-Yang murmurs. “You stayed.” You stare at him blankly, “I had no choice since you passed out before I could answer.” His lips curl into a smile, “I'm sorry. I needed you to look after Homie a bit longer.” “I'll look after Homie all you want, but please, if you feel really sick, let me take you to the hospital-” “No.” Tae-Yang jerks forward and tightens his grip on your hand. He casts his eyes down the moment you flinch and releases a faint sigh. “I'm sorry. I don't need to go to the hospital, I can take care of my health.” He looks back up and produces a small smile. “Please stay a few more days to look after Homie for me.” “B-but work a-and-” “You can still go to work. I'm not telling you to stay trapped here. Just come back to me at the end of the day and continue to look after Homie. I'll work hard to get better.” You raise an eyebrow, “Are you sure you want me to take care of Homie? Because it feels like you want me to stick around and look after you instead.” Tae-Yang chuckles, “I couldn't ask you for such a favor.” You grab Homie and set him on the floor then stand up to look down at Tae-Yang. “I don't think Homie would like that very much. If I'm going to take care of him, I might as well take care of you too.” “Aishh, really. You don't have t-” You hold your hand up to stop him from talking. “You were stubborn with me before so now I'm going to be stubborn with you now.” He smiles, “Fine. Do as you wish.” “Good. Now if you excuse me, I have to feed Homie.” You call out to Homie to follow you out of the room and take him to the kitchen. While searching through the cabinets for a sponge to wash Homie's bowl, you find a Tylenol box. <<Yes! This way he'll be feeling better in no time!>> You wonder back to his room after getting a glass of water and knock gently on the door. “Oppa?” “Just a second.” A few shuffling sounds echo through the door. <<What is he doing?>> “Okay, come in.” You enter cautiously and see him still in bed with the blankets lowered down to his stomach, exposing his bare chest. <<Oh crap.>> You lower your head and keep your focus on the ground. “I-I found T-Tylenol f-for you.” He sits up and pushes the blankets off, placing his bare feet on the floor. “Thank you.” You hand him the small box and the cup without lifting your eyes. “I'll be with Homie if you need me.” You exit the room quickly and close the door tightly, leaning against it to hold yourself up as you fan yourself. <<It's funny how they say that you shouldn't stare directly at the sun, but they definitely don't tell you what to do when it's staring directly at you.>> The following day, you leave for work on the bus, figuring that Tae-Yang may have felt better after hearing him turn on the shower as you left. The CEO sends you to take over a small press conference on the results of BigBang's promotions in Japan and future projects for the other artists. The press welcomes you with questions and approving responses, ultimately asking you questions about any plans in the near future that featured you again. You smile shyly. “Not that I know of since our focus is on our entertainers and not on the staff.” You manage to excuse yourself from the stage before the press carried on with off topic questions. You pose for a few photos then bow goodbye and head back up to your office. “You're starting to get more comfortable being in front of the camera.” You turn around and see the CEO's assistant grinning behind you. You respond with a small smile. “I'm just doing my job is all.” He bows his head and remains quiet the entire elevator ride to the top floor. You bow goodbye and slip into your office to gather your things in order to head back to Tae-Yang's place. <<Maybe I can find some more medicine in his cabinets, or look up remedies to make for him.>> You leave your office and hop in the elevator once more, thinking about the things you could do to get Tae-Yang well that did not involve taking to the hospital. “Aishh. If this doesn't work out well, then I'm going to have to trick him into going to the hospital by the end of the week.”
A few days later~~~ You tap your fingers on the front counter, waiting for the man in a white coat to hang up with another customer. After a few more minutes, the man appears and bows his head, welcoming you to the pharmacy. You bow back respectfully. “What can I help you with?” The man asks. “I have a major case on my hands and I don't know what to do anymore. I'm starting to think he has some incurable disease and-” “Ma'am.” The man puts his hand up to stop you. “I can't help you until you give me the symptoms.” You take a deep breath to calm your nerves and retrace your steps back to a few days prior. “He's been sick since he got back from Japan a few days ago. He's been eating regularly, shows no sign of fatigue or anything except for when he tries to get up that he starts to lose balance and ends up holding on to me and how pale he looks every time I go in to see him. He doesn't leave his room when I'm there, I've never heard him throw up or blow his nose but he coughs all the time though, and when I touched his face, his forehead was hot but his cheeks were cool, as if he had somehow only warmed his forehead and left everything else untouched.” The man stares at you with an arched eyebrow. “And what type of medicine have you been giving this.... man?” “All sorts. Tylenol, Advil, um, herbal tea, chicken soup, and some allergy medicine that I found. He took them all but none of it seems to be getting doing any type of effect on his symptoms. I was supposed to go home after he got back from his trip but he arrived practically fainting on me and-and asked me to stay to watch his dog but I knew he wanted me to take care of him but I really needed to go home but I also knew that I couldn't just leave him like that so I stuck around and he still hasn't gotten better and now I'm really worried.” “Why haven't you called the doctor?” You throw your head back and whine. “Because he doesn't want me to for some reason. He keeps saying it's not necessary, that he's slowly getting better but I'm honestly not seeing any progress!” The pharmacist smirks for a split second then clears throat and presses his lips into a thin line. “Miss. I don't know exactly how to tell you this since I'm not legit doctor who's not experienced in giving bad news but, everything you're describing sounds like a rare but deadly disease only found in where did you say? Japan right?” You nod your head. “By the sounds of it, there's nothing I can give you that will help out your boyfriend if I'm correct. I suggest taking him to the hospital immediately before the diseases manages to completely take over his immune system, weakening him enough that a mere cold virus could kill him in hours.” Your heart sinks with the news. “H-how much t-time does h-he have?” The pharmacist shrugs, “Take him right now or else he'll be a goner by morning with the way you described him.” “T-thank you so much!” You bow quickly and leave the pharmacist running out to the car. <<But he was in such great health before he left. He must have eaten something, or someone must have poisoned him or just, something in the air. I knew I should have taken him to the hospital that night he came back.>> You drive by a billboard with Ji-Yong's face on it, promoting his new perfume. <<Ji-Yong! I have to tell the members what's going on!>> As soon as you pull into the garage, you whip out your phone and dial Ji-Yong's phone number, praying that he picks up. “Hello?” Ji-Yong picks up on the final ring. “Ji-Ji Yong-g?” Your voice trembles in multiple octaves. “Whoa, are you okay? What's wrong?” Tears begin to emerge out of your eyes, blurring your vision and tightening your throat to keep you from speaking properly. “T-Tae o-oppa-a,” you manage to mutter. “Tae? Wait- What happened to Young-Bae? Speak clearly please.” You cough to loosen the muscles in your throat and take a deep breath to calm down. “H-he's been sick since he came b-back from Japan and I-I keep giving him medicine b-but he won't get better and I tried to convince him to go to the hospital but he refuses and when I went to the pharmacy, the pharmacist told me that he has some rare disease that is f-fatal-l.” “Weren't you there only to look after his dog?” Ji-Yong asks at the end. “Y-yes.” “And I take it you haven't gone home this whole time?” “N-no.” Ji-Yong sighs heavily on the other side. “Don't do anything. I'll be right over to fix him up.” <<Not do anything? If I don't do anything, he could die!>> You get out of the car and wipe your tears away, checking the reflection off your phone to make sure your eyes didn't get a chance to swell up. As soon as you step inside the apartment, Homie comes running to you from Tae-Yang's bedroom. You scoop him up in your arms and hold him tightly, kissing his head as his tail swung from side to side in complete bliss. “We have to stay strong, Homie. Until your uncle GD comes over and convinces your dad to go to the hospital. Ji-Yong knocks on the door twenty minutes later. You let him inside and bow with a hello. “Does he know I was coming?” Ji-Yong asks in a stern voice after greeting Homie. You shake your head. “Good. Give me some time alone with Young-Bae hyung.” He heads to Tae-Yang's room and opens the door. “Ji-Yong! W-what are you doing here?” You manage to hear Tae-Yang ask before Ji-Yong slammed the door shut. You glance down at Homie with furrowed eyebrows. <<Am I the only one freaking out about the situation?>> Loud rustling sounds travel through Tae-Yang's door, taking you by surprise when sharp muffled noises accompanied the mysterious sounds. Homie whines then lays down with his head on his paws, staring blankly down the hallway. Minutes tick by until Ji-Yong reemerges from Tae-Yang's room with a serious face and closes the door. He walks up to Homie and pats him gently on the head then turns to look at you and smirks. “Young-Bae is all better now. Make sure he goes to work tomorrow or else I'll be back with stronger medicine.” You nod slowly then see Ji-Yong out. <<All better?>> Homie gets up and trots over to Tae-Yang's door then stands on his hind legs and scratches the door to be let in. You trail after him and open the door for Homie after knocking a couple of times. “Oppa?” You push the door a bit further and catch Tae-Yang slipping on a shirt. A bright red mark across his shoulder and back stood out and captured your eyes instantly, causing you to take a step further inside his room. <<What was that?>> Tae-Yang turns around and spots you by the doorway while he tugged down his shirt. “H-hey.” “A-are you-u feeling b-better?” Your voice travels across the room in soft tone. Tae-Yang grins. “All better, yes. Ji-Yong gave me some medicine so I feel good as new.” “He said that if you don't show up to work tomorrow, he'll be back with stronger medicine....” His eyebrow shoots up, “Did he now? Well, I better take a shower and get a few things ready for tomorrow then.” You step out while he grabbed a change of clothes then slip back into his room once you heard the water running in the bathroom. <<I might as well help him out by tidying up his room a bit though he shouldn't be moving around so much regardless of whatever Ji-Yong gave him.>> You make his bed and pick up a few books laying nearby. The overflowing trash can by the dresser comes into view. You grab the small can and pull out the trash bag, wincing at the strange weight. Homie follows you outside and down the stairs to the large trash bins, jumping up at the bag with his teeth snapping at it. “Homie. Stop it. This is dirty.” The wrinkly dog jumps up once more and nips at the plastic bag, successfully creating a big enough tear for the trash to start leaking through. “Homie!” You jerk the bag away from the dog, instantly turning when multiple soft thuds begin to hit the pavement. “Wait, what is that?” The wrinkly dog trots over and begins to sniff the small tablets. <<Are those->> Your eyes widen into large saucers when you recognize the pellets as the medicine you have been giving Tae-Yang for the past few days. <<He was.... He was FAKING IT?!>>
You push Homie away and gather the pills in your hand, then shake the rest of the bag to grab as many more as you possibly could before tossing the bag in the trash bin and marching back up into the apartment. Your hands tremble with anger as you close the door. Homie runs over to the dining table and hides underneath one of the chairs, watching you with his tail in between his legs. Tae-Yang walks out of his room and grins at you. “You didn't have to go out of your way and pick up after me. I was going to do it eventually.” You scoff, “Oh really? Just like you were going to tell me about THIS eventually?!” You release the pellets in your hand, watching his jaw drop the moment they contact with the floor. “You lied to me?” You hiss in an aching tone. “I-I can e-explain-” He takes a few steps forward before you hold your hands up to stop him from moving. “I was worried sick about you these past few days, giving you all sorts of pills. I looked up remedies that could help ease your so called sickness and I even went to the freaking pharmacy and with the hope that they could give me some magical crap to help you. All that just to be slapped in the face with a lie?” “I-I-” “Why?” His face darkens with regret. “I w-wanted you t-to stay-y longer.” You ball your hands into fists then drag your fingers through your hair, resisting the urge to raise your voice. “If you wanted me to stay longer, why the hell didn't you just say so?” You growl coldly. “I-I-” You hold your hand up once more. “Don't look at me. Don't talk to me. And don't you dare try to pull another one of your little stunts. I'm packing my things tonight and leaving this place tomorrow after I get out of work.” “I'm s-sorry-” “Stop. Not another word.” You step around him and head straight into the guest bedroom, locking the door after Homie runs after you and slips inside with you. You sit in the middle of the floor and hug the wrinkly dog when he climbs into your lap. <<Does he take me as a joke? Why would he play such a nasty trick like that on me? What did I ever do to him? I thought he was a sweet and caring guy, I thought he was a gentleman at heart. That's the whole reason why I loved him for so long! I thought he was different....>> Homie licks your chin when a tear manages to roll down. You scratch his ear then kiss him on the head. <<I guess he is different. The kind of different I didn't expect.>> “Thanks for looking out for me, Homie. You're a good boy.” The next morning you leave Tae-Yang's apartment before he had a chance to offer you a ride. When you arrive YG, the receptionist greets you warmly and notifies you that anonymous gifts had been delivered earlier that morning. “It didn't have a name, but I bet I have an idea who it's from,” she giggles. You roll your eyes and give her a half smile, “Humor me.” She smirks, “Well, you did hold a press conference a few days ago, and you still receive a lot of fan mail..... it must be your secret admirers.” She shoots you a wink. You grin. "You don't say?" "Actually." She leans in closer to you and whispers. "Some guy stopped by late last night after you left and personally dropped off a small gift, saying that you should be expecting more. So maybe he sent the rest today." You raise an eyebrow. "Oh? Did you catch a glimpse of what he looked like?" She shakes her head. "No, he wore a face mask and his hoodie was pulled up, but he did speak weird. Kind of with an accent. I couldn't pick up if it was European or American. You wouldn't happen to know someone like that, would you?" "Huh. No, not here in Seoul. Keep an eye out and let me know, okay?" She nods her head and gives you a warm smile as you walk away and head inside the elevator. Opening the door to your office, you flinch at the amount of boxes mounted by your desk. <<Geez, I thought it'd be a few things, not all this.>> After setting your things down and you grab the only colored box that was different from the other matching boxes and pull out a white teddy bear with flowers attached. "Awe, it's so cute." You set it down and pick up one of the same colored boxes. You tear off the wrapping paper and open it, flinching at the thing inside. <<W-what?>> You reach for another box and tear it open, feeling an unexplainable terror in the pit of your heart. <<This isn't funny.>> Your hands shake as you open the rest of the boxes, finding the same kind of twisted horror inside in each and every one of them. “Hey, can we talk?” You turn and see Tae-Yang poking his head through your door. Tears begin to gush out uncontrollably. His eyes widen at your reaction and runs to you. “What's wrong?” You point a trembling finger towards the boxes. He walks over to them then turns to you with fear in his eyes. “Who sent these to you?” “I-I don't k-know.” Inside the multiple boxes contained decapitated BIGBANG Krunk bears with rotting flowers coiling around the bodies.
OMO TAEYANG LIED TO YOU AND NOW THIS!! :O How are you going to handle things? Will you ever forgive Taeyang? Why didn't he just tell you the truth straight up? Where did all these presents come from? And who was that mysterious man!?! Find out the answers and much more on the next episode of Taeyang's Petal! :D Thank you for reading! :3 <3 Hope you're not too mad at me (or Taeyang) after this! :c I'll see you guys on Monday! :D *bows*
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Dear lord that was an intense episode! Tae, we gotta don't lie about an illness to win someone over. It always ends bad!! You have a lot of making up to do, my friend! Bless GD and his little home remedy. haha! But oh Homie!! So cute that he followed her into her room and comforted her. So cute!! Those gifts though....that is seriously disturbing. Who is this person?! *shakes fist* Love it, as always! I can't wait for the next episode!!
OMO, such a creepy "gift" Taeyang had better help me deal with it, especially with the worry he's already caused me. (Is it ridiculous that I was excited to see a pharmacist show up, even if he was kinda being a brat? I'm such a nerd. 😁)
omg!! those bears so expensive tho.. who would do such a thing.. and youngbae you idiot you dont need to fake being sick ... lawd jesus im jot ready for this.
Aww he just wanted to spend time together. cant stay mad at that. but the bears are creepy.
OMO!!! jhaha he thought he was slick.. But that JiYong haha yea he gave him great medicine. lol brotherly love!
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