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Welcome to Tae-Yang's Petal! ;3
Those gifts were all fun and games until it got creepy, don't you agree? *shivers*
Here is the Season 2 premiere in case you want to go check out the previous two petals that are completed!
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Episode 4~
“Whoa whoa whoa, slow down. I don't understand, why didn't they just check the boxes?” Seung-Ri furrowed his eyebrows.
“Yeah, they check our stuff before we get it.” Dae-Sung adds on.
“That's because we're artists, and she isn't.” Ji-Yong answers
“He's right. Our security is a lot stricter with our entertainers than it is with our regular employees. They wouldn't check the fanmail that our staff get because it's not prioritized.” YG clarifies.
“But she's basically an idol!” Seung-Ri bellows in frustration.
“She's not signed as an entertainer of any kind, she's signed as an-”
“It doesn't matter what she's signed under. She just got threaten in the sickest way and we're doing nothing about it.” Tae-Yang snaps.
You finally look up, seeing all the members of BigBang and even the CEO himself stare at Tae-Yang with wide eyes.
“What can we do?” TOP breaks the tension.
Tae-Yang leans back on the chair beside you, exhaling loudly his irritation.
“We don't know who sent the boxes, we have no leads, there's not much we can do Bae.” Ji-Yong counters.
The CEO turns to you, “Has anything happened recently that could be out of the ordinary? Anything like following cars, strange people, maybe even people who wouldn't talk to you, talk to you?”
You shake your head.
“Regardless, whoever it is knows where she works. We need to tighten our security and hold onto anything and everything she receives through the mail for now.” The CEO went on.
“She hasn't really been out in front of the camera, and when she is, the public seems to love her.... who could do such a thing?” Dae-Sung ponders out loud.
“One thing's for sure,” Tae-Yang states. “She's not going to risk going back to her apartment with someone like this watching her come and go all alone.”
“He has a point,” TOP asserts. “If we let her out of our sight, something bad can happen and we won't know in time.”
“So what are we going to do? Have her stay here 24/7 in an uncomfortable office?” Seung-Ri stammers.
“I have a guest bedroom. She'll stay with me until we figure out our next move.”
All eyes fall on Tae-Yang once again.
“Young-Bae, I-” the CEO begins.
Your heart pounds loudly against your chest as he stands up and leans against the his desk. “I can drive her to work and back. I live outside of city limits and there are multiple routes she can take to shake off anyone who could be following her.”
The CEO stares at him for a few second then sighs, “Very well then. Accompany her to her apartment and free her from her lease.” He hands Tae-Yang his credit card. “I want her out of there and under someone's watch, and since you all insist on it, I'll count on all of you this time. Does everyone understand?”
Every member nod their heads as you stare blankly at the plastic card on the YG's desk.
“I'll send my assistant to talk to security about keeping an eye out. For now, go with Tae-Yang to clear your apartment.” He says to you.
You feel yourself nod slowly.
“No one knows about what happened and I plan on keeping it that way, understand?”
The members nod at the CEO once more. You stand up slowly and bow then feel TOP tug at your sleeve to guide you out of the office.
All five men surround you the moment the door closes, checking the hallways before huddling into a tight circle.
“How are we going to do this?” Seung-Ri asks.
“I'll take her.” Tae-Yang responds
“Hyung, you can't go alone,” Dae-Sung hisses.
“It's better if we all go. This way it'll be faster moving things out with the six of us, and if someone shows up, they'll be outnumbered.” Ji-Yong suggests.
“Then we'll leave first and meet you two there, that way no one will notice us all leaving with her,” TOP adds on.
Tae-Yang nods, “sounds good.”
The other four members leave quickly, abandoning you with a side of Tae-Yang that you never imagined existed.
“How are you holding up?” He says, his voice kneaded out to a delicate tone.
You glance at him and shrug.
“Don't stay so quiet, darling. It worries me even more.”
Tae-Yang's phone beeps with an incoming notification. He pulls it out only to glance at it briefly then slides it back into his pocket. “Come on, coast is clear.”
The ride to your apartment was completely silent. Your thoughts start racing with scenarios of who and what you could have done wrong that would make someone take such drastic measures.
“Hey.” Tae-Yang nudges you. Your head shoots up in surprise. “We're here. Come on, let's get this over with so I can get you somewhere safe.”
You try to smile in response but only make the corners of your lips twitch.
“Did you give them your house key?” Tae-Yang asks when he opens your door and helps you out.
“N-no, why?”
He points towards the door with Seung-Ri in the doorway.
<<How? It's been locked since I left?>>
“How did you guys make it inside?” Tae-Yang raises an eyebrow at Seung-Ri when he got close enough to hear the other members inside.
“Actually, the door was unlocked,” he answered with a wary tone.
Your eyes widen. <<Unlocked?>>
“Come on, the hyungs already started. We need you to pack up your personal belongings.”
“Take her, I'm going to go talk to the landlord.”
Your mind fogs the moment you step inside the apartment. Everything slows down, your skin starts to tingle as if you were dreaming with a conscious body. Mindlessly, you move around and pack, tuning out the loud shuffling of cardboard boxes and tuning out any connection with the outside world.
Tae-Yang's opens the door to his apartment, letting the members inside then letting you pass by before he closed the door.
Soft tapping sounds echo throughout his apartment, getting closer and closer until Homie popped into view and ran up to greet you, ignoring Seung-Ri's call or Ji-Yong's open arms.
You kneel down and extend your arms to greet the wrinkly dog. “Hey boy.” You mumble as Homie licks your cheek and creates a soft thumbing sound with his tail.
“She ignores us this whole time but notices your dog without hesitation?” TOP smirks.
“They share a special bond. Homie will even ignore me for her lately.” Tae-Yang responds.
The members leave you and Tae-Yang alone after each of them gave you a tight hug with words of encouragement attached.
Another mindless haze leads you to sit in the middle of the guest bedroom of your new bedroom with fingers stroking Homie's white fur as he laid across your lap.
<<Where did I go wrong? What could I have done to cause someone to hate me enough to do this? Am I even safe? How am I going to fix this? I-I>> You jerk your head over your shoulder, searching for the invisible pair of eyes that your paranoia had planted in your subconscious. <<Oh hell no.>> You scoop up the wrinkly dog in your arms and head out to search for Tae-Yang.
You peek into the kitchen and see him by the stove, stirring something in a pot. Homie barks to get his owner's attention, successfully making Tae-Yang turn around and smile when he sees you.
“C-can I h-hang here?”
Tae-Yang sets the spoon down and turns to grab a napkin to wipe his hands off. “Of course, everything okay?”
You walk over to the dining table and setting down in the chair closets to the kitchen. Tae-Yang follows you, bringing you a glass of water with him.
“Y-yeah. I just don't want to be alone,” you reply softly after taking a sip to refresh your vocals.
Tae-Yang smiles gently and reaches forth to scratch Homie's nose. “As long as one of us is around, you'll never feel alone. Ain't that right boy?”
Homie barks on cue, creating a small smile to blossom across your lips.
You greet the receptionist with a small bow next morning and hurry into the elevator. <<Okay. Clear your mind. There's nothing to worry about. No one is stupid enough to attack you in broad daylight, especially at YG.>>
You stand before your office and stare at the doorknob, your hand hovering inches above the handle. <<Open the door dammit. You need to work, that's the whole reason you're here and->>
“What do you think you're doing here?”
Your face shoots up to see the CEO staring at you with his assistant beside him.
“G-going to w-work?” you stutter.
“Like hell you ain't. Go home,” he demands.
“But but-”
“Home. Now. You need to take a few days off to relieve the stress-”
“Sir. I w-would really like to stay here instead. Being a-alone kind of...... um.” Your voice trails off, disappearing into thin air.
YG exchanges glances with his assistant then closes his eyes and shakes his head. “Fine. Go give the choreographer a hand. It'll keep you mind off things and your stress lowered.”
You bow politely to thank him as he walks away.
The choreographer welcomes you warmly after the long hiatus of not being in the dance studio. The trainees cheer when they see you and pick up right away with the friendly yet respectful ways they held with you. The music begins after the stretching routine, causing the anxiety scratching the back of your head to flow out of your head as the rhythm of the song flowed in the moment you start to move.
A steady routine sets up soon after the first day back. Tae-Yang picks you up from YG and drive you in the mornings, checking in with you every other other via phone call, leaving a message when you don't hear your phone ring.
You get to the studio the following week, only to stop outside the door when a note from the choreographer captures your eyes, informing all trainees that there would be no practice due to his cold.
<<Aishh, now what am I going to do?>>
You enter anyways and drop your things to start stretching. As you move around the silent room, the nasty shadow of anxiety begin to creep into your head, grasping onto the purity of your thoughts without warning.
<<I shouldn't be here. No one knows I'm here alone. Anyone can walk in at any given moment.>> You stop dancing and stare at your reflection in the large mirrors. <<No. I have to push through this mess. The world doesn't stop turning just because of->>
A loud crashing noise travels through the other side of mirrored wall. You jump with the hair on the back of your neck standing straight and quickly grab your stuff before running out of the studio like a bat out of hell.
You turn your head to see if anyone was behind you, bumping straight into Dae-Sung while you were distracted.
“I-I'm s-sorry oppa-a.” Your voice quivers with the jaws of fear sunk deeply into your heart.
“Are you okay? You're literally shaking, did something happen?” Dae-Sung holds you stead and takes a look at you.
“I just don't want to be alone.” You answer, unable to control the way your tone decrescendo as you spoke.
Dae-Sung pulls out his phone and slides his fingers over the screen. “Hyung? Where are you? … Ah, good to hear, but I just found our flower trembling all alone. I'm bringing her up there okay? … Thanks.” He smiles warmly with his eyes. “Come on, you won't be alone anymore.”
Dae-Sung takes you to the recording studio then motions for you wait as he sticks his head inside, saying something difficult for you to pick up due to the boys from iKON greeting you loudly when they catch a glimpse of you in the doorway.
Tae-Yang steps out of the studio before you had a chance to reply. “What happened?”
Dae-Sung shrugs. “She came out of the dance studio running and bumped into me.”
You look down, embarrassed by your own reaction to a random noise. “I got scared. Didn't want to be alone....” you mumble.
Tae-Yang and Dae-Sung smile.
“Come, I have something to show you,” Tae-Yang says, motioning for you to follow.
“You got it approved!?” Dae-Sung exclaims.
Tae-Yang turns around and beams in response then pauses to let you walk ahead of him.
“There, that door on your left.”
You open the door and notice all your office equipment set up nicely. “H-huh?”
“I got the boss to relocate your office somewhere where at least one of us can keep an eye on you. This way you can work without having to feel so secluded. Sorry for taking so long though, it took me a bit of convincing with the boss.”
You turn to him and dip your head deeply, “Thank you, it means a lot.”
TOP gives you a ride to Tae-Yang's apartment in the evening. “Call us if you need something. Young-Bae will come home after a few things are settled.”
You thank him and swiftly slip into the apartment. “Breathe. It's only a few hours or so until he comes home. You can tough this out.... right Homie?”
The wrinkly puppy wags his tail at the mention of his name.
You change your clothes then curl up in the living room to let the television distract you from your thoughts.
Random creaks from the apartment makes you pull Homie onto your lap. <<Dammit, when is he going to get here?>> Your grab your phone and check your messages for anything with Tae-Yang's name attached then toss it beside you and glance over at the door, remembering the last few times you checked in in the past half hour.
“An apartment on the quiet streets of Seoul was found ripped apart this morning after the landlord reported a break in.”
You turn abruptly to the television, your eyes widening in horror as images of your old apartment begin to pop up on the television screen. The windows were smashed, the walls had been vandalized with spray paint but the goosebumps didn't kick in until you realized the withered flower petals covering the floor.
Your mind flashes back to Seung-Ri mentioning the door being unlocked. <<They k-knew.>>
You shake your head to get the images out and quickly change the channel to celebrity news then pick up your phone one more time to check for messages.
“This just in, a member of YG's BigBang was spotted buying a large bouquet of flowers at a local florist shop.”
Your head jerks up with full attention towards the television. <<What?>>
“Funny you say that since there has been rumors that one of the members has a girlfriend that's yet to be revealed, or confirmed by YG. They're getting pretty good at keeping secrets don't you think?” One of the other hosts chuckles.
“I envy that girl. But then again, if the Netizens take it too harshly, it can end sour.” A third comments.
“Have any of them been spotted with a girl recently? I can't think of anyone right now.” The original host says.
“Do we have a confirmation on which member it was?”
“Yes we do, let me just-”
The sound of metal scraping metal reaches your ear, making you realize it was a key being inserted into the key slot. You panic and reach forward for the remote control, changing the channel to another one just in time.
The door know jiggles violently, causing your heart to race out of control. “Oh no.”
What's with Taeyang being so protective? Why did he pressure YG to change your office so close to the recording studio?! And what's with the news report? D:
Stay tuned for Thursday's episode of this and many more answers! ;D
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