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Practice: How to Use Sibling Names!

Let's play the sibling name game!

1. Go to the comment section, the person above you has left their age decided if they're older or younger than you (if the same birth year, you're friends!) 2. If they're older than you choose the correct term to call them. If they're younger than you, call them dong-saeng.
3. Comment saying the correct term and add YOUR birth year so the next person can comment what YOU are to them :D
If you're a girl you use these terms: 언니 - Older sister (eonni)
오빠 - Older brother (oppa)
If you're a boy you use these terms: 형 - Older brother (hyung)
누나 - Older sister (noona)
Both genders use this term: 동생 - Younger sibling (dong-saeng)
You can add 여 and 남 in front of 동생 to show their gender but its not super important.
If your gender isn't clear by your username/picture you can add what gender you identify with OR the person below you can just choose to call you whatever for the sake of practice :)

I'll use Hakyeon as an example to start us off in the comments :D

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언니 (eonni) '02
a year ago·Reply
너는 나의 동생! I was born in 1996! 😄
a year ago·Reply
언 니 '03
a year ago·Reply
동생 (dong-saeng) '93
a year ago·Reply
your my 언니 2002
a year ago·Reply