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Guys, I'll be on a two weeks vacation so I won't be on Vingle as often. It'll be my first trip to HK and I'm kind of excited for all the food, sights and cultural experience. It's suppose to rain for the first week I'm there but that's nothing a good meal can't fix.
I'll miss you guys! If you need a daily does of drama I have 5 Taiwanese romantic drama film recommendations.

Hear Me, 聽說 (2009)

This is the cutest movie ever. The story is about an average guy falling in love with girl who is deaf. He first becomes her friend and then actively pursue her by learning sign language. His parents disagree at first but comes into agreement after meeting her. Watch and see how these two couple commutes. There's a twist at the end.

Secret, 不能說的秘密 (2007)

What if you traveled in time and fell in love with a girl who doesn't exist in the present? This story is filled with an amazing soundtrack and a heartbreaking storyline. What happen when you're caught between time and love?

Love of May, 五月之戀 (2004)

A fan runs the sites for a popular Taiwanese band, Mayday. One day, he received an email and lies to a girl that he is the lead vocalist, Ah Xin for that group. Offline, these two ran into each other and became friends. One day, Xuan (the girl) finds out he imposed as ah Xin.

You're the Apple of My Eye (2011)

This movie is about a lazy school boy who fell in love with the brightest girl in class. Due to his insecurity and fear of rejection, he never can never bring himself to ask Shen to be his girlfriend. To be fair, he is also friend-zone with the other guys in class. Little did he know, their friendship could have grown into something more if he didn't sabotage his youth. Several years later, he find himself as a guest of Shen's wedding (along with his other classmates.

Our Times, 我的少女時代 (2015)

This one has a similar vibe of "You Are the Apple of My Eye" except it's from a girl's point of view. The movie goes back to the non-smartphone era, where happiness is very simple. You have that friend who always teases you, the friend who were always by your side, and the crush you never seem to get a hold of. This film is a flashback of Lin Truly's school girl year and a reminder of how her younger self was much braver than now.
SECRET! I watched that about a billion times in high school. That piano battle, man!
You're The Apple Of My Eye is one of my favorite romantic movies. I love it because it has the perfect combination of really really funny and really really sad moments.
Ahh... I love Secret!! It's so beautiful! I would want to learn the four hands piano song they do!