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Ladies and Gentlemen!
Greetings to all!
I go by the name of @Sailynn here on Vingle, and since my time here, I have been granted the to opportunity to post my fanfictions here for the world to enjoy!
The time has come for me to start thinking about the future, now that I am about halfway finished with my current FanFic novel, Foreign Flower, involving the members of BIGBANG.
Yes. Those dorks..... x3
Though it honestly saddens me that I will have to conclude the novel after the current and two more petals, I am excited to make an official announcement of what is coming up on the horizon for my readers, and for myself as well!
[~~It's honestly heartbreaking for me to end Foreign Flower because I'm legit major BIGBANG trash over here..... *cries*]
In Fall 2016! :D
A Namjoon novel! <3
Featuring the rest of BTS obviously :3
(Because I wouldn't exclude the rest of the members for anything in the world! c:)
Well, there you have it. :3
I'm not going to drop any teasers but please expect the Prologue to be released on~


Ooops! Guess Imma go BigHit on ya'll and catch everyone off guard! :DD *laughs evilly*
Now, the reason for this announcement is to create a taglist!
I would use my Garden but I really don't want to spam individuals and tag them in things they don't wish to be tagged in! :(
And I feel as if that tag list is exclusively for BIGBANG related fanficts! x3
I'm going to start fresh with this taglist!


Comment below if you wish to be tagged when the Prologue gets dropped!
If not, you'll have to keep an eye out for when it may or may not debut! :o
I will be dropping a few short stories that I've been working on here and there but I'll be using my Alpha Nerd Squadeu taglist for those stories! :D
(I need to come up with a better name for that..... sorry guys!)
Alas, ladies and gentlemen!
I leave you to decide!
Thank you to all that have supported me thus far and have read my work, it means a million hearts to me that I have been able to share my thoughts with everyone! A billion hugs and kisses to every like, every clip, and every view!
I promise I'll continue to work hard to wrap up Foreign Flower, and to keep bringing the feels to the table with this up coming project!
I really wouldn't been here without any of you!
Thank you so so so much!
See you when the prologue drops! ;D
(I love how I started this card all formally and it escalated quickly after I announce the project..... Could you guys tell I'm excited? XD)
Tagging~ My precious Garden! <3

Make sure to let me know if you want to get added to my new taglist!

Even though it's sad that Foreign Flower is gonna end soon I look forward to your upcoming fanfics and Yh tag me in the Namjoon fanfiction
I'm major trash for Big Bang and Bts so please tag me 🤗
Congrate!!!!!! @sailynn Good Job!!!! Have fun!!!
(Not that I'm excited or anything...)
Tag me, tag me! *creepy whispers* tag me...
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