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From the site: "Soleta ZeroEnergy One is a new concept of premium eco homes, developed by FITS (Justin Capr? Foundation for Inventics and Sustainable Technologies). Soleta zeroEenergy One has a particular and innovating architecture. Besides the 48 sqm. interior, a suspended under-roof sleeping area with 9 sqm. (96 sqft) and an exterior terrace with 22 sqm. (237 sqft) are built as an integrated, fully functional unit. Currently, Soleta One is FITS’s showroom, and we welcome daily visits. Soleta One is located in Bucharest, Romania, in the front of the U.S. Embassy."
very different then the norm, i like it but it looks very small....
Having wood apply to give the cabin feel effect is good for the eco, like the chequered windows and opening. it does look small but cosy. thanks for the snaps
@suranimh Glad you like it! Yes, it definitely does have a very cozy vibe.