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Anyone else in a way entranced but offset by this anime?!?! I first thought the idea behind it was sweet but thought it fell short of expectations. After half way through and espicially after I was hit and thought it had a lot of good twists and the strength points on where you stand and what you believe in. As many anime do, but it moves you to truly enjoy the anime and for even the good the bad and the neutral!! This anime I honestly didn't watch weekly. It was about the only spring-2016 I didn't follow bc I really wanted to binge it so I binged what was left and truly enjoyed t. I think a season 2 would fit in great!! This 12 episoder was awesome and made me enjoy these, yes I know it's not Aragoto but it had the feel like the anime where 1 season was good but another season could just make it great!! Still on a Kiznavier love for spring and winter 2016 was the big surprise Stride!!! Which were both out of the box but so many positive and feels for a beautiful rush of emotions!! As in a continuation, ahh, I hope they get back at the dang losers from the last epi.. Already has me worried, guess it's a premonition to a S2!! Haha but Sorry if any Slight spoils involved I tried to limit!! Amazing and def 2 season anime for sure. Support NAKAMA!! @hikaymm @kurosakijess I'm sure sure you've watched this @hikaymm haha though it was a turnaround for me!! @kurosakijess I don't know if we discussed stride which is like kiznavier in the emotions and positivity field I feel but I know you'd love em both!! I'd love input on this anime though!! Guess either way if it's anime I'll life for it and love it NAKAMA hahah!! Anime is Life!!
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I'll add it to my list! Thanks nakama!
I have been meaning to watch this, but I have been stuck on Kiznavier.
@animerg13 what do you think of Kiznaiver?? I loved it!! And I can't wait for season 2 of Bungou as well now that I've finished it!!
@LuffyNewman love it!!!
@animerg13 glad to hear it, I felt it was an awesome and amazing anime for emotions and bonds and connecting!!