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Dolmeh is a family of stuffed vegetable . In Iran, the mixture of ground lamb or beef, rice, split yellow peas, and savory herbs is used as the filling, wrapped either in grape vine leaves (dolmeh barg mo - دلمه برگ مو), cabbage leaves (dolmeh kalam - دلمه کلم), eggplant or aubergine (dolmeh bādenjān - دلمه بادنجان), tomato (dolmeh gojeh farangi - دلمه گوجه‌فرنگی), or in bell peppers (dolmeh felfel - دلمه فلفل).
yes , myself have a Folder of K-pop and SS501 and Super Junior are popular :)
@farveharparsi ohhh i see i seeee! is k-pop also super big over thereee?
One reason for the popularity of Korean culture among Iranians close the two countries are...Well I've got some friends introduced :) ... But I do not want to introduce it to the public and promoting the accounts is contrary to forum rules...
@farveharparsi that's amazing!! Even though I can't really understand what is going on thoguh hehehe do you write about your Vingle blog on that forum too????
yes , Iranian very like Korea and it's culture and have forums about your drama & your Food and many thing about korea :) you can see one of them http://arirangfa.com/ and this is about Korean Food http://arirangfa.com/thread-10268.html :)
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