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Dolmeh is a family of stuffed vegetable . In Iran, the mixture of ground lamb or beef, rice, split yellow peas, and savory herbs is used as the filling, wrapped either in grape vine leaves (dolmeh barg mo - دلمه برگ مو), cabbage leaves (dolmeh kalam - دلمه کلم), eggplant or aubergine (dolmeh bādenjān - دلمه بادنجان), tomato (dolmeh gojeh farangi - دلمه گوجه‌فرنگی), or in bell peppers (dolmeh felfel - دلمه فلفل).
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yes , Iranian very like Korea and it's culture and have forums about your drama & your Food and many thing about korea :) you can see one of them http://arirangfa.com/ and this is about Korean Food http://arirangfa.com/thread-10268.html :)
@farveharparsi that's amazing!! Even though I can't really understand what is going on thoguh hehehe do you write about your Vingle blog on that forum too????
One reason for the popularity of Korean culture among Iranians close the two countries are...Well I've got some friends introduced :) ... But I do not want to introduce it to the public and promoting the accounts is contrary to forum rules...
@farveharparsi ohhh i see i seeee! is k-pop also super big over thereee?
yes , myself have a Folder of K-pop and SS501 and Super Junior are popular :)