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So you pet your dog for hours. You walk him, you give him treats, and some of you might even give him some cuddly, warm sweaters. However, the common dog's ability to reciprocate these emotions has been extremely limited - until the Affectionator.
The Affectionator allows your dog to show you some love with the push of a button.

Let's watch and learn.

One push from Fido will make the Affectionator give you a gentle pat on the head. Who's a good human?

And then only mere seconds later, a treat in the form of a long gummy worm will lower in front of you.

According to the inventor, network engineer James Cochrane, the Affectionator can be used both in the same room or programmed to work across long distances via an IOT device, which means that with the right amount of effort, you can have your furry family member give you head pats and gummy worms while you're hard at work in the office!
Currently, the Affectionator is simply a prototype, and plans to widely distribute the robot have yet to be announced. But, nevertheless, I want to know:

Would you drop some cash to buy an Affectionator for you and your pet?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more zany technology, follow my Weird Science collection!
My dogs give me plenty of affection. A machine is just too creepy.
I wouldn't. Dogs don't need a machine to show affection to their owners, and vice versa.
Lol I think this invention could very well have its rightful place in the WTF category!
@arnelli ME TOO Mine is the cutest :')
@danidee OH SHIT LOVE EM
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