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The rainbow lights hitting the water from the bridge, were dazzling. She couldn't stop gazing at them as she sat perched on the railing on the river bank. She looked at her watch. It's been almost an hour, something must've happened. She jumped down and walked a ways away from the bridge. People were strolling by, laughing and talking, some holding hands. From the corner of her eye, she seen someone following her. A person dressed in black, a black hoodie, keeping a few steps away. She stopped to admire the bridge again. Trying not to go too far, in case he shows up and to make sure this person wasn't up to no good. The person following her, walked up behind her, putting their hands on the rail on either side of her, trapping her, and whispered into her ear. "You shouldn't be walking in the dark alone." he said. Her heart started to pound, his voice was soft and sincere, "You never know, someone may come up behind you and tell you, how much they have missed you." She turned around in their arms. All she could see were his beautiful eyes just above the face mask. "How would this person miss someone they hardly know?" she asked. He nodded, "That is true. Perhaps it's your presence, knowing that you are near is what they miss. And seeing your face, that could be another reason." "Aren't you afraid of being recognized?" she asked tightening his hoodie on even before pulling the mask down, she stood up tall on her toes and gave him a kiss. He sighed. His beautiful face reflecting the lights of the bridge. "I am." he pulled his mask back up, "let's move." He grabbed her hand and they walked a path into the shadows. As soon as they were out of sight, he quickly turned around, pulled his mask off and started kissing her. A couple passed by, trying not to pay attention to the couple making out behind a tree in the dark. She could hear the woman commenting, saying to her man why can't he be that romantic anymore. The man laughed and asked her if she wanted to go find a tree of their own, the woman giggled. It made her laugh as well. When she couldn't stop laughing, she pulled away. He grabbed her by the shoulders, squeezing them, intensely looking into her eyes, "Why?" "Why, what?" she asked back, wondering what he was going to bring up, her heart started to beat a little faster. "Why did you leave all of a sudden? I was looking for you all of over." he said in that pouty voice. "Ah... well... Well I got sent home. I kept disappearing, my boss asked if I was sick, I just went with it." She said grabbing his hands, hoping he didn't notice how shaky they were. Lacing her fingers into his long fingers, "What are we going to do, besides make out." He leaned in and gave her a peck, "Ummm..." he smiled sweetly at her, nuzzling her cheek, moving toward her ear, "We have unfinished business, remember?"
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