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Attention, Cartoon Network fans!

Are you an Adventure Time fan artist? Or maybe you're a bigger fan of Steven Universe, Teen Titans, or another one of the network's popular shows.

Well, Cartoon Network wants to help you make $$$ for your work!

The Cartoon Network Collective is a new outlet for selling limited-edition products - all designed by selected fan artists.

Every month, they pick 10 different fans, and reproduce their fan art on exclusive posters, apparel, phone cases, notebooks, and other more!

Cartoon Network owes fan artists a lot for their success.

'Steven Universe' creator Rebecca Sugar, after all, first grabbed the network's attention through her 'Ed Edd and Eddy' fan art, among other characters she was a fan of.
Pete Yoder, vice president of the project, thought the CN Collective would be prime opportunity to showcase fan artists and discover fresh visual arts talent:
"Cartoon Network has some of the most loyal, dedicated, and discerning fans out there. The Collective provides an opportunity for our fans to acquire never-before-seen, exclusive network product interpreted through some of today’s most talented artists."
Personally, I'm hoping that this becomes a trend, and more and more companies consider compensating fan artists for their work. I mean, how cool would it be to be PAID for your fan art?!

How many of you are fan artists? Would you sell any of your art?

Let me know in the comments below!
Oh my god.... is my dreams coming true?
I want to get started right now!
@Priscillasdoor I had the same feeling!
@T0R1L What kind of fan art do you usually draw?