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Heyy Vingle community
VINGLE COMMUNITY how are yall? I've spent the past few days binge watching and knocked out two animes and I've got to say whew... They're great! first up bingo stray dogs a anime with so much in it but a plot that keeps you drawn in and with amazing visuals.
and next up Anne happy a real feel good, slice of life, and somewhat super natural anime that'll keep ya saying awww and Adorable hahaha checkem out and let me know what yall think
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thank you for mentioning Anne happy!! I wanted to binge it eventually as well ^_^
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@hikaymm no worries I hope you enjoy it as much as I did it's pretty good and the characters are really adorable
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thanks I was looking for a new anime to watch
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@jevonlowery I know that feeling all to well glad I could help
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