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Can You Guess My Biases?
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I'm hoping I can get at least one right. 馃槀 I've been lucky so far. EXO: Chen BTS: Jungkook GOT7: Junior Big Bang: GD Shinee: Key BAP: Zelo
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you got Taemin right @MaeLyn!
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@xoxorittie You got my BTS and BAP maknae wreckers right. ^^
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@Sailynn @TaehyungV @StefaniTre @MaeLyn @xoxorittie So here's the list of my biases. EXO: Xiumin BTS: J-Hope GOT7: Jackson Big Bang: Daesung Shinee: Taemin BAP: Jongup
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I was so close lol
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