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.... and I'm back with more BIAS'!!! I have no words to express when it comes to my procrastination on these cards.
anyway, this week it's Kim Jongin!!!
He's such a freaking dork, and I find it sooooooo freaking adorkable (<--- failed attempt at a pun)
I like that he actually encourages his fans to study more so that they'll have a better future and not get so stuck on them (EXO). and, if I haven't said it already, I LOVE DANCERS. I THINK THEY'RE REALLY HOT. LIKE, IF YOU'RE A DANCER, YOU ARE PROBS 10× HOTTER IN MY BOOK-- anyway, now that I got that out the way, his smile is so cute.
I also learned that his jawline is 180° (dont ask)
anyway, thanks for stopping by. any suggestions for bias cards place them down in the comments section.