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Came across this image and it got me thinking: are tsundere personalities really attractive in real life?

Here's a quick chart of the Dere types if you're not familiar with the terminology!

This video gives a nice overview of the issue!

Now, I think every personality can be attractive to someone....but I have a hard time believing that people who love tsundere characters the best in anime would also love them the best in real life if they acted they way they act in anime.
Like, tsunderes are known for being totally harsh to you but having a very soft & caring side that sometimes peaks out as well. While I think these people exist in real life, I think it's probably a lot hard to NOTICE the softer side on someone who just seems mean in real life as opposed to in anime, you know?? You might never realize it exists. Also, I don't think any acts as EXTREME as they do in anime!
My thought is that LOVE is a confusing feeling for everyone, but especially for adolescents and young adults. People sometimes are confused, repress their feelings, and a bit of tsundere-ish behavior might appear. But I don't think you'll ever find someone as hard core tsundere as what we see in anime! After all, it's an archetype of fiction, and I think it's roots in real life aren't nearly as intense xD
For example, when you receive a gift, you might be confused about it so you'd say "oh I really didn't need this" and act a bit distant, when really you're quite happy about it. Something like that could be tsundere, yes? What do you think?

Could you fall in love with a real life tsundere?

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yea i think theres ppl out there like Tsundere but very little though so itd really kinda hsrd to find one unless u get lucky lol😋
I think that some dere types can definitely be attractive irl. My gf has a little bit of one of the deres in her and she's THE BEST!... plus I might be somewhat of a dere personality myself...
my friends categorized me as a RL tsundere. it's really hard though bec. to people who dont know me, i just come off as really mean. 😳 but my friends understand me well enough to know i'm a nice person in the inside. i dont have many friends btw but i treasure every single one of them.😊
my.husband married one. me. poor guy
no I would have been annoyed despite me loving tsuderes in anime