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Aigooo xD.
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That's too funny :) I don't know why they do that. If they are really that short compared to the man they should just show it. How hard would it be to show waling scenes?
@nonabisi lucky u ur tall lols i envy u bt LMH oppa is really tall lols i am 5"3 but i look talller bcs of my long legs ppl think I'm 5'5" lols how tall r u no offense i don't like really tall girls in my opinion a girl's height shd be shorter then the male or equal 2 him but not taller lols dat looks awkward hehe but its nice in korea how they allow short girls 2 model 2 bcs short girls are nvr allowed 2 model and i feel bad bcs sm short girls r soo pretty dis needs 2 happen in other countries i really appreciate korean culture lols :)
and hehe i am an Asian 2 lols ;) haa i really need 2 practice heels hehe ;P
@saharjalpari9 well i dont know how to convert my height to foot but its 174 cm and lee min ho is 187 cm so we'd look perfect together ~ :p ^ ^ ㅋㅋㅋ kim hyun joong is 186 cm, there are much taller guys in the world but our oppas look perfect the way they are ♡♡♡
@nonabisi agree oppas are definitely perfect the way they are love them soo much 😊😍