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After posting this really helpful flow chart of how to figure out your eye shape, I realized that there was a time when I thought I had hooded eyes, but really, my eyes are just a bit deep set!! And barely at that :P

Let's look at the difference!

Jennifer Lawrence: Hooded Eyes

This would be a variation of that called "partially hooded", where its not totally hooded as hers are.

People sometimes call these deep set, but this is not deep set.

This is deep set right here on Uma Thurman!

Deep-set eyes are set back into the head more than is typical. Still, the entire lid is visible across the whole eye when the eyes are open & facing forward.

This model's eyes are also deep set.

That being said....

Deep-set eyes can run into many of the problems hooded eyes do with eye makeup!! I know I do. The biggest one is that eyeshadow and eyeliner sometimes transfer up to the browbone, or even the majority of the eyeshadow is not visible when eyes are open, and I also have trouble with figuring out where to put my wings.

The more you know, right?!

i got hooded eyes and my best choices usually are bright colors that make my hazel eyes pop. mostly peolple say i look dead if i dont put any on so golds greens purples with the bottom liner runnin out wing instead of top.
also no linin top is best option.
@Animaniafreak Ughh that struggle must be so hard :( Thankfully there are a lot of tutorials out there for hooded eyes!!
@hikaymm oohh thanks will check it out :3
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