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Here in the States, Bring Your Child To Work Day has become something of an annual tradition, but one dad proved to be a true parenting MVP by 'babysitting' his daughter's doll, Abbie, and bringing her with him to his trucking job.

The story was then shared on his professional Facebook page, accompanied by some pretty adorable pictures!

"Abbie trucking with Grandpa"

"We took a break while loading wheat for a mid morning snack. Joselyn didn't appreciate our choice, but I informed her that Abbie ate what I ate, and didn't complain. Hopefully she took note of this."

"Loaded the final load of wheat from our family farm this morning. My father 'Great Grandpa McCain' took his turn with Abbie. He thinks the world of his granddaughter."

"Abbie playing in the wheat"

"Abbie with Grandpa's truck. Notice her shoes match.....nice!"

"Abbie and Grandpa loading corn this afternoon."

"Grandpa and Abbie ready to put er in the wind for Scott City."

Personally, this has me super sentimental because it reminds me of something my dad would think of doing when I was a little girl too!

What's the sweetest thing one of your parents did for you growing up?

our daddy played dolly house with us and drank from our tiny tea set. he was so silly, and we all had fun!!
@danidee That's why you have the dad do it lol They're pros at that kind of stuff
@TerrecaRiley That's so cute. Was your family all girls?
@Animaniafreak That's ridiculous! Buying a home is expensive!
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