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People tend to think that the words "celebrity" & "idol" mean "puppet" & "circus monkey". There for the sole purpose of your entertainment. Well WAKE UP!! They're just people! People like you & me. They have feelings & feel pain just like us, so contrary to what your twisted mind thinks, the carelessness of your words & actions do effect & hurt them. They're not robots, they cry too...
Hello everyone. Please excuse my harsh words, but I am simply fed up.
The purpose of this collection - "Celebrity"? "Idol"? How about "Human" & "Person" is exactly what the title suggests. Each week I will create a card about a specific topic, like next week, for example, will be about the issue of lack of respect for others privacy. I will also clip other cards that fit into this collection.
I apologize in advance if any of my future posts offend anyone, I will try my best to watch what I say, but with strong emotions, it is sometimes impossible to be gentle when expressing ones self.
I guess that's it for the introduction, thank you for reading and I look forward to talking with you next week. Bye-bye~