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"Oh my God I can't beleive I got tickets to see BTS in concert!" you exclaim. You had to camp out on a ticket website all day, deal with two website crashes, and your laptop almost dying, AND have to skip eating for two days to save money, but you managed to not only buy two tickets to a BTS concert, but meet and greet passes. "YES!" you're so excited. You've been. An A.R.M.Y for three years now and you've finally saved enough time and money to see them in concert, plus waiting for them to come to your country. You can't wait to see them. You've seen all their videos of live performances and now you can see them for yoir self I real life. You love them all but of course, you're mother excited to see your bias, the gorgeous, and most swag member, Suga. I mean what's not to love? The looks, the moves, thoes sick raps. The concert is in two weeks, time to prepare. Skin care, merch, what will I say when I see him? "I'm over thinking" you think out loud to yourself. You decide to just relax and wing it. Fast forward, the night of the concert. You've picked out your outfit after changing three times and you and your best friend are heading out the door. You wait for your taxi to arrive and you hop in. Giggling the whole ride there, probably annoying the hell out of the driver. You arrive and the butterflies in your stomach almost make you want to puke. You and your best friend first d your way to your seats surrounded by other girls decked out in Bangtan merchandise, all anxiously awaiting the performance. The lights go down and the screams arise. You hear the music start, it's so loud you. Any even hear yourself some screaming I excitement. Then the members appear on stage. V, J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Rap monster, "SUGA!!!!!" You scream with all you have, mabey he will notice that? And Jung kook of course. They get into formation as their latest hit "Fire" bangs through the speakers a day you can barley control yourself when Suga says "Bultaoreune". Fast forward through the concert, it's time for the meet and greet. You run to the restroom to try and make yourself look presentable to your daddy after all that screaming, crying, and sweating. You fix your hair and apply some concealer and mascara and head out. The line is huge but you can see them at their table smiling for pictures. Signing autographs, and talking with A.R.M.Ys. What feels like an eternity passes and your almost to the front of the line. Your feet are killing you but it's worth it. "Next" the security says in your direction. "Oh my gosh it's my turn!" you think to yourself. You go down the line. First you meet J-Hope and of course he's super nice and funng, not to mention cute a day he smiles and laughs. Next you meet Jimin and again he's super effing sweet and makes you blush when he shows you his squinty eyed smile. After him is RM, totally cool and sooo nice. He even compliments your hair. Then you meet the golden Maknae and he calls you pretty, making you blush. he really knows that fan service. Then you meet Jin and you complement his hat, it looks lovely on him and he thanks you with some amazing aegyo. Finally, you get to Suga. "A-A-Anyeong" You manage to extract from yourself and look at the ground. He tucks a finger under your chin and lifts your head. "Anyeong. How are you honey" he asks you while signing your notebook. "I am well thank you" You reply. "How are you oppa?" "I am also well, thank you for asking. And what is your name?" he shoots you a wink "[Readers name]" "Wooow, ive never heard that name sound more beautiful." You blush and hands you back your notebook. You take it and bow as you wave good by and walk over to Tae after a quick second to catch your breath. Tae was good at making you laugh and smile. After you and your friend make it through the members you are escorted out. Now that you are free, you check out the autographed. Pretty basic, except for Yoongi's, "OH MY GOSH [readers name]!!!" Your friend screams and points at yoir notebook. "Is that a phone number?!" She points out. And, indeed, it was a phone number. Suga give you his phone number! "O-O-OH MY GOD!" Your in complete shock. "I can't beleive it!" "You gotta call him!" Your friend pulls on your arm like a hungry dog. But, She's right. You have to call him. How could you not? You get home from the concert and take a hot bath to unwind. It's been a long day. You pull off a yoir clothes and dip in. After the water started to cool down you hoped our and put on your pajamas. Climbing into bed, you grab your notebook and hold it in your lap. "I'm gonna call him" You though. " I wonder if he's sleeping." But you call anyways. You type the number nervously into your cell phone and get more anxious with each ring. *RING RING* He's probably sleeping he had a hard day. *RING RI-* "Anyeong" You hear a rough voice through the phone. "A-Anyeong, is this Min Yoongi?" "녀" "Uhm, hi, this is [readers name] from the meet and greet today?" You cautiously tell him. "Aaahhh, I'm glad you called honey. I wanted to ask you out." "Wh-what?" You asked, shocked "Me? Out? Like, on a date?" "녀, I think your gorgeous and I want to take you out." He says forwardly. Your not a bit taken a back, but REALLY taken aback. You never, ever, expected to be on the phone with Suga from BTS being asked on a date. "I'll pick you up tomorrow at 8pm. Text me your address." Then he hangs up. "Did that really just happen?" You think. Then you rush and call your best friend. "OHMYGOSHYOUWONTBELEIVETHIS" you spill out in a slur. "Woah Woah wait what?" Your friend replies trying to slow you down. " I can't understand you." "I CALLED HIM" You exclaim "OMG what did he say??" She inquires. "HE ASKED ME OUT ON A DATE!" You basically scream at her. You both scream into the phone with excitement. "OH MY GOSH thus is amazing!" Your friend says through giggles. *BANG BANG BANG* "Shut up!" Your neighbors up stairs apparently aren't as excited for you. Either way you say good bye to your friend and turn off the light, getting comfortable in your bed. You can barely sleep. "Tomorrow at 8" You think before falling asleep. this is chapter one/ a teaser for my new ff **smut ahead** find the rest on my wattpad. user- 170cme
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@tiffany1922 and @vatcheeafandi99 the rest of the story [so far] can be found on my wattpad (user 170cme)
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