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Okay I'm going to guess lol EXO - Lay BTS - Jin Got7 - Mark? Big Bang - Seungri? SHINee - Minho? or maybe Onew? BAP - Zelo?
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I know its jin of bts
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lay Jin mark? top? key? Youngjae?
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CHALLENGE ACCEPTED EXO - Lay BTS - Jin Got7 - JB Big Bang - GD SHINee - Minho or Taemin BAP - Daehyun
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@LocoForJiyong You got two right lol. But Key is my wrecker for Shinee so I'll give you that xD @MonAnnahiX Wow!! You got 4 right!! My BAP and BIGBANG biases are Himchan and Taeyang though. @destiny1419 three right. but I'll give you four since Key isy SHINee wrecker. ^.^
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