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I woke up and was still in yoongi's arms. I smiled. He was too cute when he was sleeping. I couldn't get used to it. Before it was from a distance now I get to see it up close. I heard someone at the door. I glanced to see if anyone was going to walk in. The door didn't open. "How are we suppose to wake them up if it's locked?" I heard and I moved Yoongi's hands from me and stood up and walked to the door. I unlocked it and opened the door. "Oh (y/n) your up?" Jin said "Yea. what's up?" "We are gonna head out in an hour can you and Yoongi be ready by then?" Hoseok pipped up. I turned to Yoongi's sleeping form. "Yea I think I can get him up." I smiled. "What did you guys do last night?" Jimin asked "Nothing we talked until I was calm enough to sleep." I turned back to them. "Are you ok now?" Jin asked " was a nightmare....and ....well only Yoongi could calm me down after it." "Why's that?" Jimin smirked. I knew what he was thinking. If we wanted to keep this a secret I had to correct him now even if It sucked bringing it up. "Yoongi was killed in my dream." tears started forming again. "Oh (y/n) I'm so sorry." Jimin quickly apologized. "What the hell did you do to her Jimin." I turned around to Yoongi right behind me. He quickly pulled me into a hug. "I didn't mean to I thought it was something else....I'm really sorry." at this point I didn't even care. I didn't even mean to start crying. It just happened. I hugged him tight and calmed down with him patting my back. "It's ok (y/n) it was a dream. I'm still here." I nodded my head that was against his chest still. "We'll be ready on time." He said and shut the door. "God Jimin! Why'd you have to do that?" Jin yelled "I thought it was because she loves him that only he could help her I didn't realize it was something like that." Jimin said. "Well you need to make it up to her today." Hoseok said "I will" and then it was quiet in the hall. I looked up at Yoongi and quickly placed a kiss on his lips. "Thank you." "No need to thank me. I'm doing what I need to do for my girlfriend." He kissed me again. "Ok let's get ready. Today needs to be full of fun!" I moved away from Yoongi and went to pick out my clothes for the day. As I was looking at what I wanted to wear I was picked up and thrown onto the bed. "I said we'd be ready I didn't say we'd get ready right now." He crawled on top of me and started kissing me neck. "Yoongi....We can't do this now." I started laughing. He stopped. "Why are you laughing?" He was looking me straight in the eyes. "It tickled a little." " don't like that?" He smirked and put his lips on my neck again and kissed a few times then blew a raspberry and I squealed. "Yah!" I pushed him off and moved to pin him down. "Let's see how you like it!" I started with a nice kiss to his lips and slowly worked my ways down and instead of stopping on his neck I moved a bit farther down. He didn't realize what I was going to do since he was thinking I was gonna do a certain something. I lifted up his shirt and blew a raspberry on his stomach like I would for a child. He laughed. "Yah! I'm not a child." "So." I quickly got up and ran to my bag and grab something and ran to the bathroom to change. When I came back Yoongi was in the same spot but dressed. "I wish we could just do something just the two of us." He said still looking at the ceiling. "Hey we can do something later ok? We have a week." "I know." He sat up and I walked over to him. I put my hands on his shoulders and he put his hand on my waist. "It's a nice bonus that no matter what we get us time at night." "Yea, but they are bound to find out if we stay in here a lot don't you think?" He said pulling me close and putting is head on my chest while wrapping his arms around me to hug me. I started playing with his hair. "Yea I guess but I think we'll be good. Since your not staying up all night writing songs it would be normal for me to go to bed early, don't you think." He nodded against me. "Guys we're heading out now!" Namjoon yelled and we quickly got up and walked out the door. Today was pretty fun, first we went sight seeing and then we went shopping. We all bought a bunch of things but then we decided we needed to get groceries so we could make meals instead of buy meals. When we were all done we play rock, paper, scissors to see who would carry the bags back. Thankfully I won and didn't have to carry anything minus what I bought. The ones who lost were Jin, Yoongi and Kookie. We started walking back to our place since it wasn't that far. All of a sudden there was a scream and we all turned. In an instant the boys were off in different directions. Thankfully Jimin grabbed my hand and made me follow him. When I looked back to see where Yoongi and the others were, I could see them being chased. I had to force Jimin to stop running but Hoseok and Namjoon kept going. "Where's Tae?" "Shit we lost him!" Jimin said "We need to go find him, what If something happens to him?" "(y/n) he'll be fine, we need to get away from here before anymore fans show up." He started to pull me again. "No Jimin, He's by himself that's not good when he might be cornered somewhere." I started to walk away trying to remember the last place I saw Tae. "(y/n) he is a big boy he can find us he does have his cell phone so when he can hell call us. Let's go back home and wait for everyone there." He had grabbed my hand and pulled me back the way he wanted me to go. He was right Tae did have a phone and if anyone was chasing him and we called him he could get more attention. "Fine but If we don't hear from him in a half hour we are going looking for him." "Ok that sounds like a good idea." Finally he was able to make me go back home. Namjoon and Hoseok had obviously beaten us back home, but Jin and Kookie and Yoongi were there on the ground trying to catch there breath. I ran to Yoongi and checked him first. "Are you ok?" I asked checking him. "I'm....fine..." He said trying to catch his breath. I looked over at Jin and Kookie. "Oh my god!" I went to Jin first. His shirt was torn and he looked like he had gotten in a fight. I quickly checked Kookie as well since his shirt was also torn. "They got the worse part" Namjoon said "They mauled you it looks like." I said looking between the two. "We're ok it's just our shirts" Jin said finally sitting up. I hugged him. "I'm glad you ok." I then went and Hugged Kookie as well then went to Yoongi again. He was still laying down on the ground. "Yoongi." I touched his cheek and his eyes shot open.l and looked at me. He shot up and hugged me. "I'm so glad your ok, I was worried when we got seperated, nothing happened to you right." He pushed me back from the hug to look at me. "Yea I'm fine. Jimin thankfully grabbed me otherwise I'd be on my own still...." I stopped and looked around Tae wasn't here. "Has anyone heard from Tae yet?" "No." They all said. "Crap." I stood up and was about to go grab my phone when Someone's phone started ringing. I turned toward Namjoon. "It's Tae" He said and I sat back down next to Yoongi, I could finally calm down. Yoongi placed his hand on top of mine and I couldn't help but smile. Once Tae was safely back home I started making dinner. Jin wanted to help but I wouldn't let him after what happened to them they needed to rest. I was almost done when a pair of arms went around my waist. "I really am glad your safe but I wish I was the one who had been with you." "Yoongi it happens, I would have eventually found my way back here. I bet the next time I need saving it'll be you saving me." I smiled at how cute he was acting. "I don't care." He removed his hands and spun me around to face him. "I don't want Jimin thinking he's got any chance with you." He pressed his lips against mine and waited for me to respond. I kissed back then pulled back. "One there is no way in hell he will have a chance with me I love you. Two we shouldn't do this out here in case someone walks in and sees us." "(y/n)" "I'm right and you know it." I smiled and turned around. he put his arms back around my waist. "Hey (y/n) are you sure I can't help out." Jin said. In an instant Yoongi was next to me making it look like he was trying to help. "Oh Yoongi are you helping her?" He asked once he was in the room and saw us. "I'm trying to get her to let me help but she doesn't want it." He turned and walked out of the room leaving me and Jin. "I really think he likes you. He has never wanted to cook before. " "Really?" "Yea so Just wait he'll eventually stop being an idiot and ask you ok." Jin said patting my back and walking out. I couldn't help but smile. I thought for sure we would have been caught right then and there but I guess Yoongi can move fast when he wants to. I quickly finished dinner and set the table. Dinner was lively as always.
Soooo what do you think.??? Do you think Jin really did see and is just covering it up?
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@JinsPrincess86 hehe man the next chapter is going to be another fun one lol....I'm gonna upload it tomorrow and Yea I kinda just made that happen on accident lol....but what I have in store is going to be crazy.
@SarahVanDorn omg I can't wait!!! Just be sure to keep tagging me and I'll read it!!!!
The part where they all started running in different directions, too real. The gif of Yoongi getting his shoulders massaged, who is the one doing that and why is he making that face?
@SerenaArthurs it was in the 1st episode of rookie was a certain massage that because he got the unsafe card he got punishment.
I giggled like a school girl the entire chapter