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come in the summer if you want to get into a water gun fight! summer is here and Korea has a bunch of huge summer event's you definitely should go to! One very fun event coming up is the annual watergun festival in which thousands of people cool off with a huge waterfight!
This is one of many water gun festivals happening this summer in korea . this one in particular has been selected as the representative water festival of Seoul this year and is back with a special theme of "Pirates." With the new theme of the festival, a pirate ship launching ceremony will be held as an opening with exciting water gun fights against pirates! Packed with fun events from water gun fights and a parade to music concerts and DJ party.
first off choose what you want, yes some people do get raincoats because hair etc but it's not of much use really... you will get wet. but ^^^ just to think I'm choosing a defense package is pretty cool... we are going to war people! next choose the weapon of choice!
the apollo backpack water gun is looking awesome! but I think I'll go with the character cause I'm a baby lol
I usually run from water because I have curly unmanageable hair and I like to look cute.. but this is definitely something to try and a cool experience.... would you go to a water gun fight fest? ( starting new tag list for korea only) if you would like to be tagged let me know =) @Isolate @AlyssaGelet818 @Tabili @DanaAmoi @EmilyPeacock @danidee @bryyyaanna @NelyLovo @parktaemi @Meeshell @AlloBaber @OhItsJas @jemitza
@Miichi this isnt in a amusement park its in sinchon in the middle of the street :) anyone can show up at anytime and vendors are all around with ponchos, water guns, etc :)
Heck yes I'd go! Wish I was going 馃槴 sounds like a lot of fun!
its actually totally free - those are just packages that a travel site made for foreigners - trying to make money off of them >:( You can go and buy everything at the festival for super cheap (or daiso!)
@deilig oh I forgot to mention its at an amusement park too =)
Please add me to your tag list. I'm moving to South Korea next year and would love all the insight.
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