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This Fan Opera (lol) has hit over 50k words! That's a personal record for a story for me, so I wanted to thank all of you for making me continue this story. I write Fan Fics to get little known groups and idols out there and help them become biases or bias wreckers rofl.
For those that now have Kyungil on their list (he is now my #2) now, you're welcome and he says thank you.
Writing this I have discovered their DESIRE album and have fallen in love with it. Soooo... to help me celebrate and get HISTORY out there on your playlists, I'm doing another drawing for the DESIRE album. :D The one I ordered for me won't be here until July but I will search to see if I can't find one that can be delivered sooner for the winner.
Drawing will be held on July 2nd! Thanks for celebrating with me and for loving Revelry!
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Song Kyungil leader of the group HISTORY ...member of friend group nuthang with G dragon & TOP ...Sexy man extreme lol
I'm loving this fan fic!!!!
You're so sweet! And I actually didn't know HISTORY before this, so good job spreading the love!
i died...
Super love reading this one! can i request a fic from you? Since you a fellow Melody, can you write one about a member of BTOB? Please 어니!!!