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*Spoilers up ahead!!*

Juvia is probably my favorite character in Fairy Tail ( I love them all but Juvia wins in rank xD) She's so awesome and has such a great personality you just can't find yourself to hate her! What honestly makes me love her so much is her reason to fight and that is Love! She believes in it so much its actually very inspiring to me because a lot of people give up on love especially when it seems one-sided which is how Gruvia kind of was in the beginning but Juvia never gave up! Juvia is an amazing wizard overall and I just cant get enough of her xD Juvia was never originally from the Fairy Tail guild nor was she on the good guys side either. Juvia grew up as an orphan teased for always casuing the weather outside to gloomy and non stop rain showers. Till the Guild Master of Phantom Lord (Master Jose) took Juvia in and made her feel welcomed and worth something. She thought because he had taken her in the bad guys side was the best side to be on and she was very determined to help her guild no matter who she had to kill. She was one of the strongest people in Phantom Lord and was apart of a group called The Element Four. In the Phantom Lord Arc. Juvia comes face to face with Gray Fullbuster. Juvia was one of the keys to help defeat Phantom Lord so Gray obviously fought against Juvia. Juvia fell in love with him at first sight and wished to not fight him until he mentions something making her extremely jealous xD This is when we got to see Juvia in her element! She made it rain (causing her to become stronger) She was kicking butt until she was defeated by Gray. Due to Gray's attack she was pushed off the building they were on and Juvia was literally about to die since her body is made entirely of water she was basically going to splatter like a rain drop but Gray swooped down and caught her before she did casuing her to finally stop the rain and see the Sunlight for the very first time! (Aka Gruvia was born!) Later on Juvia joins Fairy Tail! All thanks to Gray! ( Thank you TuT)
Juvia uses Water Magic but its not jus a simple hey splash kind of thing xD Juvia's entire body is made of Water and is actually linked by her emotions. When she gets mad or jealous her water becomes boiling hot! Or when she is sad she makes it rain uncontrollably. Juvia's magic is even more amazing with her special attacks such as, Waterlock, Water Nebula, Water Slicer, Water Jigsaw, (She even has a special attack inspired by Gray called Gray-Love xD) And when fully nourished and strong anything can pierce through her! Juvia is simply amazing and I love how much she has grown! Cant wait to shee her power bloom more and her character as well! Hope you guys love her as much as me!
@AimeBolanos T^T oh. Those haters can fly off a cliff πŸ˜‚
Who doesn't love juvia πŸ˜‚
@AimeBolanos i agree with you she is truly best girl
Yes Juvia is the best β™‘
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