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Potato is back ~ screenshot game made by @mrsyookihyun
YAY OPPA SITS NEXT ME ~ this gives me the chance to get to know him c:
JEONGHAN HOW COULD YOU ~ is it because I'm sitting next to s.coups ?
Well damn seungkwan, that's something we have in common.
Of course I mean look how cute he is c: ~ don't tell S.coups *whisper voice*
*devilish smirk * OH REALLY .
No wonder you sleep in class , you've picked up on my habits.
NOOO THE8 what I have I ever done to you ...
WHAT ~ I did not see this coming at all ~ is it because of what I told Woozi ? *whisper voice* I promise I didn't mean it
OMG~ it's like this is the only good thing that's happened to me c,:
@NasiaWright @LocoForJiyong I know right ~ s.coups is mine ~ Jaii shall use aegyo to charm him
we almost got the same results 😂
I need to do this asap....but your results are pretty great minus the8 breaking up with you....I guess he did it to be with me and to give s.coups a chance with you😂
ahaha😂👏 your relations with s.coups tho