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I'm in love with Asian pop culture. I was planning to take train ride into nyc to go to an Asian market. One happened to open up down the block from me! I dropped by and picked up some snacks.
Corn chips sweet and spicy
Honey butter potato puffs
Spicy beef ramyun
Pocky cracker on the outside chocolate on the inside.
Dark chocolate pepro
I bought these because I got something similar in my snack fever box called ace choco. These are Bourbon biscuits same chocolate different cracker. This on is whole wheat I don't like whole wheat but the chocolate is divine.
I picked up some sweet potato noodles I'm going to make japche
Cookies and cream pepro
I got this in my snack fever box loved it so I picked up a pack. Now I have something to eat when I watch running man. Jjajang
damn that makes me hungry now I want some
no Asian markets where I live ;-;
>~> watch your stash