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Hello Hello!! I wanted to bring up something that caught my attention.
Diamonds..... seems to be getting less and less love. Likes have gone down and no one seems to even comment on the chapters anymore.
Sooooooooo I wanted to know what you are all thinking? Have you become bored with the story? Is NanaJin not fun anymore? Should I just give up and go back to work on Monsters and Ice Princess?
Technically we are getting close to the end of Diamonds. I assume there will only be a handful of chapters to add still.
Well let me know! I do have to put some time into my newest fanfic called 'Oppa is a Kpop Star' that will be released through @KpopINT in a few weeks plus I have been neglecting Monsters and Ice Princess.
I started writing Oppa is a Kpop Star with a first person pov but I have been debating if I should rewrite it with a second pov... What would you all enjoy more?
Tagging the Loverlys:
I really enjoy reading diamonds .And the feels from the cliffhangers are just too good
I read it every update. sorry for not giving it love😱
@dchapple45 @FalseLove @drummergirl691 Thanks you guys. I was just worried Nanajin was dying
@Sailynn love you Sendy!!
As long as there are people who want me to continue I will. I just dont want to spend time on a story people arent really enjoying.
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