(Sorry for the bad grammar, but anyway.) Most of these comments are saying that we need to stop saying "Jimin, you go no jams" because it's hurting Jimin's feelings. Just because you don't think it's funny, doesn't mean that it's hurting his feelings! It's not like ppl that hate Jimin had make that joke! Namjoon, the leader of BTS made it up, and Nam had on a shirt that said the same thing. If Jimin was really that annoyed with a Joke that Namjoon made, he would have went on the webpage, and ask ARMY to stop, just like any other time they have a problem with Us. "You got no Jams" won't go away until he actually say out of his own mouth that he doesn't want us to say it anymore. BTS talk mad ish about each other on a daily basis, and I know it's worst then "YGNJ", because of the ish they say in interviews. Just because you don't like that joke doesn't mean it isn't funny, and it doesn't mean he's upest about it. Don't jump to conclusions, when he didn't say anything about it on any of their pages or out of his own freaking mouth! Edit: Just because he looks like he's annoyed doesn't mean he is! Secondly, If you have proof other then this picture (If U can even call this proof) that he doesn't like it, then you best bet is to make a card about it! Thirdly, if want to place your opinion, then do so, but calling me out my name will get you blocked real f**king quick! I didn't call people out of their names for thinking different then me, so don't do it to me!
Thank you! It is funny and it's not offensive. I agree he would say something if it bothered him. And nobody disses Bantang like Bangtan disses Bangtan. I'm positive he knows we say it out of love and it's one of those inside jokes that BTS has with us fans. We love him and he knows we love him. Besides this is one of those cultural phenomenons that took off and spread to non Kpop realms and if I were Chim, I would be a little proud that I had a hand in that.
he thought it had finally diedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
He clearly looks bothered by it and you guys are just brushing it off saying he knows we mean it in a lovingly way ~ news flash he doesn't know you guys personally like that to know you guys are joking because the past times you guys have said ~ you used it to criticize when he would fuck up or make a mistake ~ you guys say you would continue to do it till he says he doesn't like it and then you guys are gonna be guilty for saying that joke to him all the time and be the same hypocrites screaming at other fans not say it
@BangtansWife95 ok yeah and i understood what you said... i just wanted to put my thoughts out on the topic just like you did.
Korean army doesn't even do this bullshit as much as western army does and it's sad tbh you guys make us look bad like we don't care about their feelings ~ this also goes for you guys calling RapMonster the king of destruction making it seem like he breaks everything he touches ..
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