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You guys know when you're working on a group project ....
and there's this guy...
You know Mr.Shoutout .. aka the star of the show this guy has done pretty much 100% of the work They're name is all over the credits ..they're the Author, illustrator, and Publisher and at the same all
and then you have ....well The Ghost this guy either shows up on occasion and does nothing ....or we'll you won't see them until the projects finished ...
but don't worry they did put some work in.....they put they're name on it after all lol
So on a level from Seungri to Daesung ...where do you fall on the scale ??
@BBxGD I've been feeling abit generous these days he's up for grabs and he seems to be JTOP'S there's no need for her to have to hold back ...HE'S ALL YOURS @lovetop 😂😂💋💋👌
@KwonOfAKind I thought those types are for u kwonniieee. damnn it *sorry doc*😂😂😂😂
@lovetop .....youre right I completely understand (^___^)....if you really want him that bad you can keep him....I'll try not to get "too jealous" ...just don't forget to invite me to the wedding okay 😋👌😂😂🤗💁
@lovetop you'll never get anything done if you focus too much on the abs lol......JTOP ....youre in time out lol No more abs for you (You can have @BBxGD doctor if you'd like though) ;P
i do all the work
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