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So this is honestly something I rarely talk about. Kpop came to me at a hard time in my life. My father, the most important person to me had late stage cancer. I didnt live close so it was hard for me to deal with. I couldn't help and only got to see him when i could get off work and drive to my home town. Kpop help distract me. It keep me sane and let me get through the day. SHINee will forever be my savior <3
When I did go home and see him. I would show him different groups. explain who each person was and what the song was about. His 2 favorite songs were fantastic baby and and pray. So obviously he had good taste. He let me ramble and I wote his name in hangul and he thought that was cool. Even though he had no interest in it. He let me ramble and talk about this new world i loved to him. He liked to see me happy and that made him happy. Kpop gave us those happy times when everything was so hard.
Today is 1 year since he passed away. I still cant believe it. I don't know if I'll every believe he's not just a drive away waiting at home or at the river looking for fossils. Today will always be hard but I have my music to help me through. I love you Daddy ^^
So I just want to say thank you to every arists who works so hard to make amazing music and every fan who loves it and shares it with anyone who will listen. Kpop can change a life for the better so dont let anyone make you feel less for listening to music they find weird.

Sending all my love out to you guys Today ^^

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@VixenViVi *grins so big that it looks kinda creepy with my braces*
@VixenViVi *smiles*
Ttal, I love you baby girl. I know today is hard, but he is proud of you and loves you so much. The Yak Pak loves you, and I love you.
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